Cooper’s Treasure recap: Darrell makes breakthrough in hunt for underwater fortune

This week’s Cooper’s Treasure saw Darrell Miklos continue his hunt for an underwater fortune using maps drawn by astronaut Gordon Cooper. He says what we’re all thinking as the episode starts out, admitting: “I may be on one of the craziest treasure hunts in history.” The twist at the beginning of the series last week was that his estranged dad, Roger Miklos,


Dark matter and black holes as Space’s Deepest Secrets asks: Was Einstein wrong?

This week on Space’s Deepest Secrets, how dark energy theories are causing a rethink on Einstein’s theories and a look at what we know about black holes. First up is an episode looking at how dark energy theories are threatening to overturn some of Einstein’s assertions and could help explain the expansion of the universe.


Mars: The Secret Science behind extraterrestrial colonies

Mars: The Secret Science takes at look at some of the work being done right now on the technology needed for the first visit to the Red Planet. Spacesuits for a martian mission need to be simpler and easy for Astronauts to use without assistance from Flight Control, the distance means that communication is delayed.

Doomsday asks: What would happen if the Earth was pulled out of orbit?

This episode of Doomsday asks what would happen if the Earth was somehow pulled out of its orbit, could we survive? We tend not to think much about the fact we are all living our lives on a huge chunk of rock and iron that is hurtling through space at around 18.5 miles/second as it orbits the

Mars life hints and a Moon photo scoop on NASA’s Unexplained Files

On this episode of NASA’s Unexplained Files – some UK astronomers intercept photos of the moon taken by the USSR, a problem on the ISS could kill the crew and a NASA pictures hints at possibility of life on Mars. A technical malfunction on the ISS leads to NASA advising all the astronauts to don

NASA’s Unexplained Files: The exoplanet that might be the Earth next door

Tonight NASA’s Unexplained Files looks at a planet fairly close to Earth that could be habitable. Proxima b orbits red dwarf Proxima Centauri, which at 4.25 light-years is the nearest star to our own sun. According to a recent study the planet is within the habitable zone and so could have liquid water on its surface. Proxima b


Future U.S. president Jimmy Carter sees a UFO on NASA’s Unexplained Files

Tonight on NASA’s Unexplained Files — did future president Jimmy Carter really see a UFO? According to the talking heads on the show in 1969 the soon-to-be Governor of Georgia claimed to have witnessed a sighting of an unidentified object in the sky. Some have speculated that he might have seen a weather balloon but his sightings