Mars life hints and a Moon photo scoop on NASA’s Unexplained Files

NASA's Unexplained Files ISS
NASA’s Unexplained Files – small problems on the ISS can rapidly become very serious

On this episode of NASA’s Unexplained Files – some UK astronomers intercept photos of the moon taken by the USSR, a problem on the ISS could kill the crew and a NASA pictures hints at possibility of life on Mars.

A technical malfunction on the ISS leads to NASA advising all the astronauts to don their gas masks and head to the Russian part of the ISS, sealing up the American part. Is it just a sensor failure or are they in real dangers?

Luna 9 lander
The Luna 9 lander was one of the USSR’s attempts at a soft landing on the moon. Credit: NASA

Some 50 years ago British astronomers at Jodrell Bank in England ended up with photos taken by the Soviet’s Luna 9 lander.

For whatever reason the signal was not encrypted and the observatory was able to intercept them and sent them over to the local paper.

una 9 snapshot. Image: Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester
Luna 9 photo. Image: Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester

The result was that the local paper scooped to USSR of their own moon photos, with people in the UK seeing them days before Soviet citizens!

Also on this episode a NASA probe sends back some pictures from the red planet that appear to show that life could exist on the planet.

Watch NASA’s Unexplained Files – Mars’s Deepest Secret at 9 PM on Science Channel.

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