What happened between Leigh-Ann and Ben after Below Deck?

Leigh-Ann Smith and Ben Willoughby shed light on what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on Below Deck Season 10. Ben was part of the show from the beginning, immediately getting into a boatmance with Camille Lamb. However, after Camille got fired and Leigh-Ann joined the St. David crew, Ben’s head was turned thanks to


Leigh-Ann Smith on Below Deck: Who is the new stew replacing Alissa Humber?

Leigh-Ann Smith joins Below Deck as the replacement stew for the newly-fired Alissa Humber, and the blonde beauty brings some drama to the end of the season. Below Deck fans first got a glimpse of the newbie in the midseason trailer for Season 10. At first, it was believed she replaced Camille Lamb, but now