Tears as Caroline Stanbury and Adela King continue drama on Ladies of London

On this week’s Ladies of London, Adela King is left in tears during an emotional chat with Caroline Stanbury following last week’s drama at Julie Montagu’s Mapperton Estate. Last week saw Caroline storm out of Julie’s dinner party, and she’s now questioning the loyalty of Sophie Stanbury — her soon to be ex sister-in-law. Adela

Caroline storms out of Julie’s dinner on Ladies of London

On this week’s Ladies of London, Julie’s first dinner party results in drama with Caroline Stanbury storming out. Julie has her first chance to really play Lady of Manor as she hosts her first formal dinner party. However, not all goes to plan and as tensions rise and Caroline storms out. A day’s fishing doesn’t help as

A new house, a new baby and family feuds on Ladies of London

This week the Ladies of London welcome a new baby, plan a big move, suffer a red-carpet slipup and do some family feuding. Marissa is relieved at the safe arrival of her new baby after a surgery that ran into a few complications, childbirth can be stressful enough without any extra worries. Caroline and Sophie Stanbury


Heartbreak and betrayals in drama-filled Ladies of London Season 3

Ladies of London is back for Season 3 — with big changes afoot and drama, turmoil and heartbreak of epic proportions looming. This season the ladies making up the main cast are Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Fleming, Julie Montagu, Juliet Angus, and Marissa Hermer. We also get to know Caroline S.’s soon-to-be ex-sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, who is