A new house, a new baby and family feuds on Ladies of London

 Ladies of London
Ladies of London

This week the Ladies of London welcome a new baby, plan a big move, suffer a red-carpet slipup and do some family feuding.

Marissa is relieved at the safe arrival of her new baby after a surgery that ran into a few complications, childbirth can be stressful enough without any extra worries.

Caroline and Sophie Stanbury get into a bit of a tizzy over family loyalties, but we’re sure they will sort it out…

Meantime, Caroline is super excited about her new luxury home in Dubai. She can’t wait to get over there to see it, but first furniture needs to be ordered and designs finalised.

Julie Montagu continues her attempts to make some positive changes at the estate, but she’s facing some stiff upper lip opposition.

It has to said some of the funniest segments are with the very likeable Julie.

Watch Ladies of London – A Tale of Two Stanburys at 10 PM on BRAVO.

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