Gotham: Ranking the 10 best villains of the Batman TV show

When Gotham premiered on Fox in 2014, the hopes were dubious, to say the least. A Batman series not using Batman seemed a dumb idea. It picks up right with the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents and how rookie detective Jim Gordon handles the dark city.  The emphasis was on “before they were famous,” tracking


‘#SaveGotham’ trends as fans demand return of the Batman prequel series

Fans want a return to Gotham.  A major trend on Twitter, complete with the hashtag “#savegotham” took place over the weekend as fans rallied to convince either Fox or Warner Bros to have a sixth season of the cult Batman prequel TV show to pay off on its wild storylines. Gotham’s journey Debuting in 2014,


HBO chief reveals how The Batman connects to new Gotham City series

While delayed by the pandemic, The Batman starring Robert Pattinson promises to be a major release for next year. HBO and HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys has now shared how the upcoming film will connect to HBO Max’s untitled Gotham city series. The new Dark Knight The newest take on the Dark Knight

Who is Walker on Gotham: Everything we know about the Batman baddie

With Gotham flying through its final season, fans have met someone new and mysterious but who is Theresa Walker on Gotham? Walker is the puppet master behind the events that are happening on Gotham this season — which is an alternate version of an event from DC Comics called No Man’s Land. So far, only

Barry Friedman: Gotham crew member honored with tribute after death

Gotham paid tribute to crew member Barry Friedman at the end of the latest episode on FOX — following his death last year. A title card as the episode drew to a close read “In Memory of Barry Friedman”. It comes after Friedman — a post-production coordinator on the show — passed away in August, 2018. His sister-in-law

Penguin struggles with crime as mayor in Gotham

On this episode of Gotham – as criminality in the the city reaches epidemic proportions Penguin is struggling to meet the expectation of the people. The Penguin has promised the city will be safe but the reality of rising crime rates is raining on his parade. The Red Hood Gang look like they are set to

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Despite it balls-out, larger-than-life, brain-burning action hero delirium, DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has some moments of stunning beauty that are worth the eye strain and numb bum. It’s a concept that has a real stickiness; Batman sets out to end Superman. Seems Superman (Cavill) was present when a calamity in the desert

TV on Blu-ray Review: Supernatural, Gotham, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals

Warner Home Video has given fans new seasons of several hit television series perfect for binge-watching with the release of Supernatural – The Complete Tenth Season, Gotham – The Complete First Season, The Vampire Diaries – The Complete Sixth Season, and The Originals – The Complete Second Season. Loaded with an impressive episode count and