Penguin struggles with crime as mayor in Gotham

Penguin struggles with expectations as mayor in Gotham
Gotham – The Penguin soon find that with power comes responsibility and events, dear boy, events 

On this episode of Gotham – as criminality in the the city reaches epidemic proportions Penguin is struggling to meet the expectation of the people.

The Penguin has promised the city will be safe but the reality of rising crime rates is raining on his parade. The Red Hood Gang look like they are set to attack the mayor and criminality is generally increasing even as the new mayor celebrates his victory.

Red Hood Gang
The Red Hood Gang causing trouble downtown

Meantime, Butch takes a dark route with the aforementioned Red Hood Gang and Bruce tries to find out where Ivy is.

Ivy will also have to come to terms with the changes happening to her, how will these alterations affect her?

Catch Gotham – Mad City: Anything for You at 8 PM on FOX.

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