Who is Walker on Gotham: Everything we know about the Batman baddie

Who is Walker on Gotham: Everything we know about the Batman baddie
Theresa Walker (Jaime Murray) on Gotham. Pic credit: FOX

With Gotham flying through its final season, fans have met someone new and mysterious but who is Theresa Walker on Gotham?

Walker is the puppet master behind the events that are happening on Gotham this season — which is an alternate version of an event from DC Comics called No Man’s Land.

So far, only Walker’s voice was heard on Gotham but now it turns out that she is possibly the biggest bad guy this season.

Gotham: Who is Walker?

Portrayed by Jaime Murray, Walker is the US Secretary of Homeland Security and might end up being one of the most famous characters from Batman comics — Amanda Waller.

This might seem shocking since Amanda Waller is either a large, angry black woman or a smaller bodied black woman played by Viola Davis in Suicide Squad.

She has also popped up in Arrow and the CW shows as well as on animated DC Comics cartoons.

Jaime Murray is a petite white woman and looks nothing like Amanda Waller. However, there is a lot of evidence that she is Gotham’s version of Waller, since the show has had no problem changing origins of characters (see: Bane).

However, while that seems interesting there is no way that they make a black woman white on Gotham. The fan outrage would be deafening.

Therefore, the best bet is that she is Talia al Ghul. Straight up, Murray could be the perfect Talia and her orchestrating everything would be a great way to get into Bruce Wayne’s head in the future.

Plus, it would allow an al Ghul to turn Bruce Wayne into Batman in this world.

Who is Jaime Murray?

Genre fans know Jaime Murray from a few popular shows. Her most popular role was as Helena G. Wells in Warehouse 13 on SyFy.

From season 2 through 5, Wells was a former agent that turned into the main villain in the second season and served as a holographic image used for consultation throughout season 3.

Murray later went on to portray the Black Fairy/Fiona on Once Upon a Time and had a recurring role on both The Originals and Midnight, Texas. She most recently was part of the voice cast of the Netflix animated series Castlevania as Carmilla.

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