‘#SaveGotham’ trends as fans demand return of the Batman prequel series

Gotham cast Pic credit: Fox

Fans want a return to Gotham. 

A major trend on Twitter, complete with the hashtag “#savegotham” took place over the weekend as fans rallied to convince either Fox or Warner Bros to have a sixth season of the cult Batman prequel TV show to pay off on its wild storylines.

Gotham’s journey

Debuting in 2014, Gotham began with the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne with new detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) investigating. 

The straight-laced Gordon was allied with blissfully corrupt Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), who warned him of how dark Gotham could get. Meanwhile, young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) began a path that would lead to him to becoming Batman. 

The show began as simply a unique crime drama but over its five seasons evolved into a wildly fun show that integrated scores of Batman villains into the mythos and was not afraid of taking chances. For example, Barabara Kean (Erin Richards) started as Jim’s proper wife and ended it as a wild villainess. 

The show was hailed for showing the beginnings of the Dark Knight’s famous rogues gallery. Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) was a lab tech who became the Riddler; Oswald Cobbelpot (Robin Lord Taylor) evolved into the mobster Penguin, and young street crook Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) trained herself as a sleek thief. 

The series ended with a finale set ten years in the future as Gordon was now Police Commissioner and Selina (now played by Lil Simmons) was about to become Catwoman while a mysterious figure took out the Riddler, Penguin, and Joker. 

The final shot was Gordon turning on the Bat-Signal to see a grown Bruce in the iconic costume ready to begin his crusade. 

That appeared to be a fitting end, but fans seem eager for more. 

A revival?

On early Saturday, the hashtag “#savegotham” began trending on Twitter and fathered scores of replies before long.

Many were eager to see a return of the series having what some fans consider the best-ever on-screen versions of Riddler and Penguin as well as a twisted turn on the Joker (Cameron Monaghan). 

There were also praises of the show’s sets and costumes, and what could have been for other Batman characters.

Can it happen?

Many fans noted that with the series ending just two years ago, the cast can still be easily assembled for a revival.

It seems unlikely as the producers appeared satisfied with the finale setting up Batman’s future tales rather than continuing the prequel setup.

There are plans for a Gotham PD show set in the same continuity as the upcoming Robert Pattinson Batman movie. This show is set to explore how the Gotham City cops and underworld adjust to Batman’s presence. 

As Gotham was always intended to be a prequel in a different continuity, it seems unlikely it could get a follow-up return. There’s also that, at 20, David Mazouz would still be a bit too young for the grown Batman.

Yet the online passion proves there is a push for a revival as scores of fans would adore seeing one of the best live-action Batman projects ever made get a new life. 

Gotham seasons 1-5 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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