Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd reveals family dynamic with Cory and Taylor

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd wanted to work things out with Cory Wharton — the biological father of her daughter Ryder — during the first season of the show. However, Cory was not ready to settle down. Then, last year, he admitted he had been dating Taylor Selfridge. Soon after that, the two revealed they


Cory Wharton anti-vaccine drama: Fans worry about Ryder, Cheyenne stays silent

Teen Mom OG star Cory Wharton immediately received backlash after he revealed on Instagram Live that he wasn’t planning on vaccinating his second child. He’s due to welcome a daughter later this year with Taylor Selfridge. “Will you vaccinate? Nope!” Cory replied to a fan. That answer caused quite the uproar, and fans of Teen


Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge pregnancy: How is Cheyenne feeling about it?

Cory Wharton and his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge shared some surprising news today. He revealed that he was going to be a father again, as Taylor is 11 weeks along. This pregnancy will mark the first for the couple. It is also the first Cory can experience since, with his daughter Ryder, he didn’t learn that

Who gets body slammed on The Challenge finale?

The Challenge: Final Reckoning finale is coming up and drama is at an all-time high on the MTV competition series. In a sneak peek for the last episode, viewers are teased with a huge fight that takes a rather ugly turn when someone gets bodyslammed on the pavement. It’s hard to see who is doing