Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd reveals family dynamic with Cory and Taylor

Cheyenne Floyd
Cheyenne Floyd explains her family dynamic with Cory and Taylor. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd wanted to work things out with Cory Wharton — the biological father of her daughter Ryder — during the first season of the show. However, Cory was not ready to settle down.

Then, last year, he admitted he had been dating Taylor Selfridge. Soon after that, the two revealed they were expecting.

Now, Cheyenne is forced to accept that Cory won’t be with her and Ryder. Instead, she is learning to work with what she now recognizes as a new family dynamic.

Cheyenne Floyd explains her new family dynamic

“It’s definitely one big, weird, blended, dysfunctional family,” Cheyenne shared with E! News

“I actually helped [Cory and Taylor] plan their gender reveal and gave them all the vendors and places to call. People hear that and they’re like, ‘You helped your child’s father plan their new child’s gender reveal?’ and it sounds so weird but it works for us.”

Even though this scenario may not have been what Cheyenne really wanted for her daughter, the reality is better than if the two women did not get along with one another.

“I would take our situation over us hating each other any day. It might be weird to some people, but it works for us,” she points out.

Cory and Cheyenne co-parent their daughter, keeping in mind that they want to make sure Riley does not feel any less loved as Cory starts a new family with Taylor.

Cheyenne Floyd reveals she has her own relationship with Taylor Selfridge

During the previous season of Teen Mom OG, Cheyenne confronted the idea that Cory had moved on with Taylor. One thing that bothered Cheyenne about this discovery had to do with racist tweets Taylor once shared online.

She did that several years ago, but Cheyenne still wanted her to be accountable for her actions. The pair sat down together, during which time Taylor admitted her mistakes.

After that, Cheyenne and Taylor were able to move on with their own relationship.

“I’m not going to let my kid go anywhere if I’m not cool with the person and so we might as well be friends and get to know each other so it’s a peaceful relationship,” Cheyenne explained regarding her feelings about Taylor.

“Ryder honestly loves Taylor and Taylor is really good with her and talks more about Taylor than her dad. I can’t hate. I have to respect their relationship and Taylor and I have our own relationship.”

Recently, Cheyenne was noticed by the media for a reason beyond her relationship with her baby daughter and his partner. After she underwent surgery for breast implants, the young mom was talked about by Teen Mom OG viewers who argued that this was a stupid move that allegedly ruined her body.

Cheyenne wasn’t taking the bait. She said she had the enhancements done for herself —  and for no one else.

As with her body, Cheyenne is making this new family dynamic work for herself and for her child — and for no one else.

Teen Mom OG returns tonight, March 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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