Cheyenne Floyd shows off breast implants, tells Teen Mom critics ‘What I do to my body is my choice’

Cheyenne Floyd
Cheyenne Floyd got breast implants and she’s now addressing her haters. Pic credit: MTV

Cheyenne Floyd made a decision recently about getting some work done to her body.

The Teen Mom OG star didn’t reveal her plans to get breast implants until the job was done and healed.

And despite being an adult woman with a child, Cheyenne still got criticism for undergoing the procedure.

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Cheyenne got so much heat for it that she decided to speak out against her critics, revealing that she will do whatever she wants with her body.

Cheyenne Floyd shows off new body

Cheyenne shared the news of her surgery on her personal Instagram, where she revealed her new body in a series of photos.

Even though the post was initially an advertisement, Floyd’s breasts got a lot of attention.

She decided to take her thoughts to Instagram, revealing that people were too judgmental, considering they had no idea why she chose to get her breast work done.

“Ask questions before you send judgment and you might be blessed with a [sic] answer. You don’t know what I did or WHY I did it. It could be medically or it could be because it’s MY body so who gives a f*ck,” she revealed on Instagram.

“Let’s nip and tuck this covo real quick.. What I do to my body is my choice.. What I choose to share is also my choice.. Now I’m not sad nor did I think I wasn’t good enough so let’s hop off that train,” she wrote as part of her Instagram Stories to try and stop the criticism of her choices.

Cheyenne Floyd gets support over making decisions about her own body

On Twitter, she also revealed that it was her body and her choices. She added that she was done with all the negativity she was getting.

One person did support her, revealing that she should just keep doing her. And Cheyenne agreed that everyone who chooses to share their lives with the world is incredible.

Cheyenne’s daughter Ryder suffers from VLCAD, which stands for Very-long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency. On Teen Mom OG, she’s documented some of the scary incidents that have happened, including Ryder being in the hospital.

Many viewers are giving her credit for doing something for herself since she’s always putting Ryder first — even if it is breast surgery.

Back in December, Ryder was back in the hospital, and fans criticized his father, Cory Wharton, because he wasn’t there. But Cheyenne had asked that Cory not be told of the hospitalization because he was away filming a show for MTV.

She defended Cory after he missed this hospitalization, saying that she would make the best decisions for her daughter and for Cory in that kind of situation.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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