Luke Bryan’s siblings’ death: Who were they and what happened to them?

Luke Bryan has a tragic story but that hasn’t stopped him from living his best life. The last several years have been spent by celebrating number one hits, touring, and last year, he joined the American Idol reboot as a judge. On the season premiere of American Idol, a contestant really pulled at Luke Bryan’s

Kai on American Idol: See the singer who made Katy Perry cry

Kai the Singer has a special talent. It was obvious as soon as she took the stage at her American Idol audition. Her real name is Khalifa Wilson and she explained that she goes by Kai the Singer because Wiz Khalifa “snatched” her name already.  The 19-year old singer hails from South Carolina and told

Caleb Lee Hutchinson weight-loss: See American Idol star’s incredible transformation

Caleb Lee Hutchinson revealed he had undergone massive weight-loss on American Idol this week — and here are the pictures showing his incredible transformation. The 19-year-old country singer admitted to the judges that he had lost 70-lb since his first audition on the show, through a mixture of drinking water rather than unhealthy alternatives and

American Idol contestant Carie Ferra’s dog goes to TOILET during audition

American Idol contestant Carie Ferra’s dog Cocoa goes to the TOILET during her audition filmed for tonight’s episode. One of the ABC show’s photographers captured the moment on camera, as Carie holds her hands over her face in shock. And while the photo captures Carie’s dog doing a No.1, Cocoa surprised the judges by leaving

Maddie Zahm exclusive interview: American Idol, regaining confidence and musical therapy

The latest episode of American Idol features the kind-hearted and super-talented Maddie Zahm. The 19-year-year-old singer, from Boise, Idaho, took a leap of faith in herself last August and went to audition at the show’s Bus Tour in Salt Lake City. In high school, Maddie had to overcome the physical setbacks of a polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosis