Watch Demi Rae’s American Idol audition

Demi Rae
Demi Rae had a vision of herself at age nine that she would be standing on the stage at American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

American Idol in the year 2020 is looking pretty good as tonight, a super talented kid with amazing eye makeup game and a heartwarming backstory is up at-bat.

Meet Demi Rae from San Jose…actually nearby Morgan Hill, California.

She has deep-seated anxiety and some self-doubt, but this talented singer receives a major pep talk from Katy Perry as well as Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

It’s her audition tape that you need to see ahead of all the action tonight on ABC.

Who is Demi Rae?

On tonight’s episode is pretty Demi Rae, a young lady who is 26 years old and from the San Jose area in California.

We learn an amazing thing from her. She literally manifested her present destiny by visualizing herself grown up and on the American Idol stage back when she was age nine!

In the clip below, she recounts how she wrote a book and described her future, and in it, she predicted that she would be a singer on American Idol.

She then presented this book to Katy Perry who was as wide-eyed as they come over this revelation.

Her father, she tells us, was a dance instructor, and her memories of him early on are positive. He was supportive, but it did not last long.

She says: “We were just a happy little family from the outside but things were different at home.”

Demi Rae described how as she got older, her father was in jail frequently and not around to be there for his family.

Happy news, though, as she tells us that when she was 15-years-old, Bryan, Demi’s dad, kicked drugs and got clean and was there for her.

Bryan was able to turn around his addiction, get sober, and end his criminal life. He resumed his position as the father who was there to support his family.

And for the song choice? Mad At You by Noah Cyrus was the song she chose to sing for the judges in her audition.

In the clip, she blew away the judges who were not sure she was ready to go to Hollywood. But afterward, the tune changed as Perry said: “Have you ever professionally pursued this?”

Demi explained fear, and a lack of confidence was the issue as her looks and anxiety were the major blocks.

Katy Perry gave her a Perry-pitch perfect pep talk and told her to own her unique look. She said: “You’re gonna be that one! You have such a great voice!”

Luke Bryan gave her the most amazing positive feedback, and Demi was reduced to tears.

All the judges voted yes as Ms. Perry wrote in her childhood book that Demi was going to Hollywood.

What happens on American Idol?

Since mid-February, American Idol’s 2020 season has been a rating’s smash for ABC. It’s also been a boon for winemakers as columnist Liz Long has recapped the event with her red wine goblet at the ready.

Many speculate the return of the OG host, Ryan Seacrest, was the magic secret sauce that revitalized the long-running competition.

Those of us who go way back and remember Brian Dunkleman and that whole crazy “I quit” affair back in season one (over 17 years ago!)  know that Seacrest was the glue that kept Paula Abdul up on her seat and Simon Cowell poised with his withering takes.

Such good times.

And with Seacrest shouting out the familiar opener: “THIS is American Idol!,” it’s time for the heart-wrenching backstories and closeups of a whole new generation of kids wanting the golden ticket to Hollywood.

Watch Demi Rae’s American Idol audition here

Demi Rae recounts her childhood — the good, bad, and ugly — as there is a redemptive happy ending. The fact she manifested her appearance at age nine by writing down that she would sing someday on American Idol gave Katy Perry the chills:

American Idol airs Sunday, 8 pm EST, on ABC.

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Ray Vertrano
Ray Vertrano
4 years ago

BEAUTIFUL ,,,,,,,,,,, We all got to see and Hear more of Demi Rae Moreno in the future.