Fender Play is giving away free lessons for three months amid coronavirus crisis

A guy plays a tune on Fender Play
Fender Play is offering 3-months worth of free lessons to the first 100,000 to sign up. Pic credit: Fender Play/YouTube

Fender Play has decided to help us through the coronavirus pandemic by offering free online guitar lessons.

The online learning tool from the legendary guitar company has joined the many ranks of organizations and institutions that have offered the public ways to keep occupied while we self-isolate.

They are offering 3-months free lessons on guitar, bass, and ukulele. Although there is a small catch, you’ll have to be quick if you want to take advantage of their offer as it’s for the first 100,000 who manage to sign up.

Fender Play took to Facebook and Twitter to make the announcement on March 20. In a post titled “Play on. Play Through,” they wrote, “with everything happening in the world, music has the power to connect us.”

They continued, “we want to do our part to see you through- the way we know how. To start, we’re offering 3-months of free online guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons to the first who sign up for Fender Play.”

“We’re all going to be spending more time inside – so we might as well make some noise.”

Fender Play suggests we “play through” the coronavirus crisis

Apparently, all you have to do is click on this link here, and then create an account so they can send you a code to enter and you’ll be annoying the neighbors with your guitar strumming for the next 12-weeks.

Who knows? The next Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton may emerge from quarantine in three months’ time.

The company boasts that world-class musicians will be able to bring you up to speed via laptop, tablet, or even smartphone.

Online entertainment proving to be important during coronavirus crisis

Technology and the internet have been real stars in this global pandemic, allowing us all to remain connected with family and friends.

Technology has also led to many folks sharing ways online on how to cope with the crisis.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin and John Legend took to Instagram and Twitter respectively to use music to see us through, they both recently broadcast impromptu concerts from their own homes.

Tom Hanks’s wife Rita Wilson also recently used social media and Spotify to create a playlist for those in need of musical entertainment while in quarantine, she called the playlist Qurantunes.

Meanwhile, Kristen Bell used Instagram at the end of last week to show us a four-step plan of how to receive a package and maintain social distance safely.

Perfect for when your musical instruments are delivered.

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