Top 10 versions of Loki, ranked by power levels

Versions of Loki in Marvel Comics and the MCU movies
Versions of Loki in Marvel Comics and the MCU movies. Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Loki is coming to Disney+ in June with an entire season based on the Marvel character.

This version of Loki is the one from the first Avengers movie, stealing an Infinity Stone and traveling through time.

This means he never found his rehabilitation from Thor: Ragnarök and his ultimate sacrifice from Avengers: Infinity War.

However, Loki isn’t a pure villain as he was in Avengers.

According to the showrunners, this Disney+ MCU series will explore the different versions of Loki and his different personalities and identities.

Since Loki has been good and evil, a woman and a child, and has done many things in the comics, there are several directions the series could take.

Here is a look at the most powerful versions of Loki, ranked.

MCU Villain Loki

Loki shows up in Avengers movie
Loki shows up in Avengers movie. Pic credit: Marvel

Loki in the MCU was a tragic villain, the adopted son of Odin who wanted the throne.

However, unlike the Loki from the comics, this one possessed none of the strong magical powers. He is cunning, but he requires minions to get anything done.

While he seems arrogant and is a good hand in battle when needed, his power levels are very low compared to almost every other version of Loki in existence.

MCU Hero Loki

Loki in battle in Thor Ragnarok
Loki in battle in Thor Ragnarok. Pic credit: Marvel

Loki as a hero was no more powerful than his villainous version, but there was a major difference.

The heroic Loki will help others, and that makes him more powerful than his cowardly version that relied only on trickery to achieve his goals.

This Loki’s actions in both Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War shows how powerful a hero he really is, even if his powers are nowhere near his comic book version.

God of Mischief (original Marvel)

Loki battling Avengers for the first time
Loki battling Avengers for the first time. Pic credit: Marvel

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki was why the Avengers formed. It was the same in the comics.

The big difference was that Loki was controlling Hulk, making the green goliath confused and sending him on a rampage. His goal was for Thor to show up, and he would use Hulk to kill him.

It didn’t work, as Hulk regained his senses and joined the Avengers in stopping Loki. This Loki mostly used deception as his major power, and didn’t show his true magical prowess until later.

Ultimate Universe Loki

Ultimate Universe Loki tricking Thor
Ultimate Universe Loki tricking Thor. Pic credit: Marvel

In the Ultimate Universe, there was always the question about whether the Ultimates version of Thor was a god or a human who thought he was a god.

It turned out he was the real Asgardian god, and that was revealed after Loki brought war to Earth. However, for all his manipulations, this Loki was similar to the early Marvel appearances of Loki, an illusionist.

This Loki was more successful, as he could use his powers to make Thor doubt himself and had his brother institutionalized. Like the original version that helped form the Avengers, when the truth was revealed, Loki was easy to defeat.

Kid Loki

Kid Loki using his magical powers
Kid Loki using his magical powers. Pic credit: Marvel

Kid Loki was one of the best versions of Loki from the comics.

Loki had died after Siege, sacrificing himself to save Asgard. However, he always had a fail-safe fallback plan, and this involved him returning as a child.

By the time all the Asgardians were back, Thor took in Kid Loki and vouched for him and eventually he joined the Young Avengers.

This version ranks below most comic book versions though, as he was a child and only had a portion of his adult magic powers. He also needed intensive rest after performing complex spells.

Storyteller Loki

Loki as the God of Stories
Loki as the God of Stories. Pic credit: Marvel

Loki is no longer the God of Mischief or the God of Lies. In Marvel Comics now, he is the God of Stories.

Loki has given up his lust for power and is coexisting with Thor, who has replaced Odin as the King of Asgard.

He started this change during the War of the Realms, in which he took the side of the heroes and helped defeat his father, Laufey.

He gave up his evil ways and now insists that his “lies” can be stories, and he has tried to act accordingly ever since. He is as powerful as other versions but chooses not to use his powers for evil, limiting his magical prowess.

Female Loki

Lady Loki from Marvel Comics
Lady Loki from Marvel Comics. Pic credit: Marvel

Loki died after Ragnarok and when all the Asgardians returned, he returned as a woman.

When Thor and the Warriors Three found the lost Asgardians, Loki claimed she no longer had any plans since Ragnarok had happened and was over with. She moved on and tried to gain the trust of the gods.

She earned Thor’s trust and became a confidant, but she had plans and joined up with Norman Osborn, eventually leading to a spot in his Cabal ahead of the Siege event.

Agent of Asgard Loki

Loki the Agent of Asgard
Loki the Agent of Asgard. Pic credit: Marvel

After leaving his role as Kid Loki and merging with his Ikol persona, Loki became an Agent of Asgard, continuing to work on the side of good as he did as Kid Loki.

He aged, so he regained more use of his powers and became the most powerful Loki once again, which was needed for his new missions.

He worked as an Agent of Asgard to have all his past crimes against Asgard erased, one crime for each successful mission. In the end, he realized an older version of him was influencing things, showing this Loki was easily manipulated.

Dark Reign Loki

Evil Loki during the Dark Reign storyline
Evil Loki during the Dark Reign storyline. Pic credit: Marvel

Dark Reign Loki was a very dangerous and evil Loki.

This took place after he gained Thor’s trust as Lady Loki and joined up with Norman Osborn as part of the Cabal.

Loki had full access to his powers here and had no restraint using his magic to distort the world. He went back in time and made sure Odin’s father, Bor, died. He then brought Bor back from the dead in the present day and set him loose on Earth.

Since Thor killed Bor, who was technically the King of Asgard because of his identity, Balder was forced to banish his brother, leading Loki to gain more power.

Loki continued to gain more powers until Siege saw Asgard brought to ruins and he finally realized the err of his ways and sacrificed himself to save his home.

King Loki

King Loki in control in Marvel Comics
King Loki in control in Marvel Comics. Pic credit: Marvel

King Loki is easily the most powerful version of Loki in history.

This is Loki from Earth-14412, and his existence was parallel to the Agent of Asgard Loki, working to erase his past crimes. However, this version used this time to gain more power.

Unlike the Agent of Asgard, this Loki worked until he cleared all his crimes. Once he was no longer a wanted god, he became evil again and destroyed Earth, killing all humans.

While the All-Mothers had a chance to stop him, he showed them that his evil was needed to create an Asgard with Thor as King, so they helped him, making him even more powerful.

King Loki finally beat Thor and gained the ultimate victory before Gorr the God Butcher showed up for him. This Loki told Gorr the story of every good deed Thor ever did, allowing his brother to return and stop Gorr, after which Loki sacrificed himself to set the world right again.

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