Spiderman: Far From Home trailer breakdown and takeaways

Spider-Man Far From Home trailer
Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer breakdown and takeaway. Pic credit: Marvel/Youtube

Well, it’s been over 10 days since the release of Avengers: Endgame and now another Marvel film is right around the corner. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back with a brand-new trailer and this one is spoiler heavy.

The new footage sets up many possibilities including something explored in Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. What exactly does this idea involve? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Multiverse.

Could this mean we might see Tobey Maguire in future films? Here is a full breakdown with takeaways of the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer.

Watch the new trailer below:

Spider-Man is the new Iron Man?

At the start of the trailer, we see Peter grieving Tony’s death and talking about how seeing him everywhere hurts. The footage then cuts to him and Happy, who also seems devastated by his death, but says something rather curious.

“I don’t think Tony would’ve done what he did if he didn’t know you were going to be here after he was gone.”

Which begs the question: Does this mean Spider-Man is the new central figure of Marvel? This seems to suggest that all of Tony’s mentoring was a subtle setup for Peter Parker to be the thriving force in the next saga.

After this, we see Spider-Man take down some more bad guys and Spidey throwing some jokes at the cops about doing their jobs.

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer
What does the Multiverse mean for Marvel? Pic credit: Marvel/Youtube

The Multiverse begins

The next part of the footage involves Peter going on vacation in Europe and him avoiding Nick Fury’s phone calls, when Happy sternly tells Peter, “You do not ghost, Nick Fury.”

We then see a series of clips of Peter having fun on the trip.

Then he is confronted by Nick Fury in his hotel room, who is less than pleased about Peter avoiding him. The footage cuts to an underground area, where we meet Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) aka Mysterio.

Nick Fury explains that Beck is from Earth but “not ours.” He further explains that the snap (not sure if he means Tony or Thanos) tore a hole in the dimension.

Peter asks, “You’re saying there’s a Multiverse?” The footage also briefly shows Hydro-Man during this exchange which hints he might also be from Beck’s world.

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Mysterio
Mysterio sets up the Marvel Multiverse. Pic credit: Marvel/Youtube

Mysterio is a reckless hero

The footage then shows off a series of action beats while in the background we hear Peter insisting that there has to be someone else besides him who can save the world.

Fury explains Thor is off-world and Captain Marvel is otherwise occupied. Peter then says, “But who’s defending the neighborhood Spider-Man?” Fury’s response, “B*tch please, you’ve been to space.”

The next shots show more of Mysterio fighting Hydro-Man and flying around. We hear Beck asking Peter what he wants and Peter saying he wants to be back on his trip. He wants to spend time with Mary Jane and be a normal kid.

This is followed by a glimpse of Peter talking to MJ and she reveals that she knows he is Spider-Man.

The trailer then switches back to more Mysterio talking to Peter explaining that he realizes Peter is not ready but that the situation is his responsibility.

He then says something that might explain where the confrontation begins. He says to Peter, “Saving the world requires sacrifice. Sometimes people have to die.”

This hints that Beck is willing to harm innocent lives in order to save the world, which sparks the inevitable divide between both characters.

Spider Man Far From Home Peter Parker
Is Spider-Man the next Iron Man? Pic credit: Marvel/Youtube

The world needs the next Iron Man

Coming back full circle we hear Peter saying to someone that he always feels like he puts his friends in harm’s way. This is accompanied by a string of action shots including: Peter’s friends running from explosions, Mysterio fighting someone off-screen, and Spider-Man dodging attacks in midair. Then we hear Peter say: “The world needs the next Iron Man.”

This is capped off with an exclamation mark of a statement by Nick Fury asking Spidey: “Are you gonna step up or not?”

This is followed by a flash of Iron Man graffiti and Peter in a black suit running from a huge engulfing flame. Finally, the Spider-Man theme plays with the title entering the screen.

Of course, that’s not everything. The footage then concludes with Happy trying to get Peter’s friends to a jet for their safety but they are too distracted by the fact he works for Spider-Man. The jet then explodes and then run with Happy to safety.

Takeaways from the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

#1 This could set up a live-action Into the Spiderverse scenario: With Marvel exploring the Multiverse, many ideas are possible including more than one Spider-Man. We might not see Tobey Maguire but it should not be ruled out either.

#2 Spider-Man is the new focus of Marvel: Now, that Tony Stark is dead, the MCU no longer has the nucleus that holds the entire atom together. The footage seems to foreshadow that whatever the next saga will become, the core story will revolve around Peter Parker. As the footage says, “The world needs the next Iron Man.”

#3 Peter is insecure without Tony: It’s clear with all the original four Avengers moving on, Peter feels unsure about his role as a hero for Earth. It’s almost certain we’ll see his insecurities come to life with the fact he was wiped from existence as well.

Whatever happens next it seems fitting that Peter is taking the lead in the next saga of the MCU. The character is young enough to stretch his Spidey legs for 22 more films. Plus, with the Multiverse, the possibilities are endless for what Marvel can accomplish.

Spider-Man: Far From Home will hit theaters on July 2.

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