WWE star Alexa Bliss says she didn’t pay for Twitter checkmark but it’s back

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WWE’s Alexa Bliss had her blue check mark return on Twitter, but says she didn’t pay for Twitter Blue. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

WWE star Alexa Bliss is reacting to Twitter’s recent changes, as she lost her blue check mark last week, despite having an active account for 13 years that currently has 1.9 million followers.

Bliss, real name Lexi Kaufman Cabrera, was outspoken about losing the check mark next to her Twitter name, a longstanding sign that her account was really her and not a fake.

Monsters and Critics reported about previous Bliss’ Twitter comments, with her concern over scammer accounts posing as her and the potential problems it could bring. She suggested it was now up to Twitter to pay for all the issues it caused for people getting scammed by fake accounts posing as her.

However, the popular wrestling star revealed late Saturday evening that she noticed her check mark was back, something she called “weird.”

It prompted a fan to suggest that Bliss “shelled out the 8 dollars,” which is the monthly subscription charge required for Twitter Blue and the check mark.

“I did not lol,” she replied to the fan’s comment, which ultimately brought more questions from the WWE star.

wwe star alexa bliss reacts to return of twitter check mark
Pic credit: @AlexaBliss_WWE/Twitter

WWE star Alexa Bliss questions the return of Twitter check mark, fires back at critic

The return of Bliss’ Twitter verification brought questions. In a follow-up tweet she posted on Sunday, she asked fans why her check mark had returned.

“Really though, I haven’t looked into it… why did my blue checkmark come back when I didn’t sign up for the 8 dollar thing lol,” Bliss tweeted as a question for her fans and others who might see it.

alexa bliss questions the return of her check mark on twitter
Pic credit: @AlexaBliss_WWE/Twitter

A critic tried to suggest Bliss received assistance for “poor suffering celebs who can’t afford blue,” which prompted her to fire back that it wasn’t about that.

“Thank GOODNESS!!! Bc we ALL knew the point I was really making with this whole nonsense was about the …8 bucks,” she replied.

alexa bliss tweet about twitter blue
Pic credit: @AlexaBliss_WWE/Twitter

As mentioned, Bliss previously called out the loss of her check mark, which showed her Twitter was verified. She suggested it would cause problems for fans who got duped into thinking other accounts posing as her were actually her due to the fakes paying for the blue check mark.

The WWE star mentioned scammers and even having people show up to her work making threats because they thought it was her Twitter they were messaging with. However, many fake or scammer accounts may be based on the WWE star.

Why did Alexa Bliss’ check mark return?

Earlier this week, Monsters and Critics reported about celebs reacting to the Twitter purge, which took away check marks from many accounts with large followings. Among those who reacted to losing the check marks were Ben Stiller, Jeremy Renner, Halle Berry, and Kerry Washington.

Ahead of that, reports arrived about celebs, including NBA star LeBron James and horror novelist Stephen King, that had been vocal about not paying for Twitter Blue but seemed to receive a complimentary membership.

King indicated that despite having Twitter Blue active, he never paid for the subscription. Ultimately, Twitter CEO and owner Elon Musk confirmed he paid for several, which seemed to also include LeBron.

That may or may not be the case with Bliss’ account. A recent tweet from Pop Crave revealed the social media platform seemed to be “reinstating blue checkmarks for some larger accounts.”

As of this writing, several other prominent WWE stars with large followings on Twitter have blue check marks next to their names, including Roman Reigns, John Cena, Charlotte Flair, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, and Paul “Triple H” Levesque. However, it’s unknown if any of these accounts are paying for Twitter Blue or received the check marks back as part of a recent update.

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