WWE star Alexa Bliss blasts Twitter over fake accounts: ‘This one’s on you now’

wwe star alexa bliss close up shot from nyc event
WWE star Alexa Bliss blasted Twitter after she lost her blue check mark on the platform. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Lexi Kaufman Cabrera, best known as WWE’s Alexa Bliss, is known for the popularity she’s achieved as a professional wrestler, leading to millions of followers on social media.

She boasts substantial followings on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, where she shares highlights from her career and life or just her thoughts in general.

That included her recently calling out Twitter based on their recent move regarding verified accounts on the platform, as they’ve started removing blue check marks that many individuals had obtained for free.

The 31-year-old wrestling star was among the many individuals who lost the blue check mark sitting next to their name, as Twitter now charges $8 per month for those who want that verification symbol.

She took to the platform to fire off several messages, including responses to individuals who tried to call her out for feeling she was above others and not an equal.

Bliss referenced the problem with scammer accounts pretending to be her and being threatened at work due to fake accounts running rampant on the platform.

Alexa Bliss calls out Twitter after losing her blue check mark

On Thursday afternoon, Bliss took to her official Twitter, although it no longer had a blue check mark beside her name. The wrestling star blasted the platform, indicating it would result in many problems as people would get scammed by individuals who pay to make fake Alexa Bliss accounts look like they’re officially her.

“@Twitter – YOU are now responsible for Paying back the people who get scammed by a ‘verified’ Alexa bliss accounts … this one’s on you now,” she wrote in her tweet along with the hashtag, #DumbestThingEver.

alexa bliss calls out twitter over check marks
WWE star Alexa Bliss calls out Twitter. Pic credit: @AlexaBliss_WWE/Twitter

Bliss’ initial tweet picked up over 1,800 Likes, 300 Retweets, and many comments from fans or critics reacting to what she said.

WWE star mentions scammers and safety concerns with Twitter

That included someone calling out the WWE star, suggesting she was saying that some people were “less important” on Twitter. However, Bliss responded, saying that wasn’t what it was about.

“Has nothing to be with being equal. It has to do with scamming. & real identities instead of fake accounts who try to scam people. Obviously you haven’t experienced someone stealing your identity to scam from innocent people. Nice try 8 bucks,” Bliss replied.

wwe star alexa bliss replies to fan comment over twitter verification
Alexa Bliss fires back at critic on Twitter. Pic credit: @AlexaBliss_WWE/Twitter

Another commenter tried to call out Bliss, telling her, “this is Twitter not real life lol they ain’t stealing your credit card,” and suggested she “focus on real things like having children.”

“Sure you think that. You don’t know what we go through. Obviously you haven’t had your safety in jeopardy because Of scammers. People showing up @ your work or threatening you bc an acct on twitter was scamming them pretending to be you. Sit down and enjoy your check mark. ??,” Bliss fired back.

alexa bliss reacts to twitter comment
Alexa Bliss responds to critics questioning her Twitter rant. Pic credit: @AlexaBliss_WWE/Twitter

Other celebrities reportedly lost their Twitter verification status

According to a BBC report, the removal of check marks began to arrive for many famous individuals on Twitter on Thursday as owner Elon Musk is attempting to make the platform profitable. Other celebs who lost the verification symbol included singer Beyonce Knowles and Pope Francis, who have over 34 million followers combined.

The WWE’s Bliss currently has 1.9 million followers on Twitter, which might be a good way to tell her account is official compared to one of the fakes pretending to be her. She currently uses the handle @AlexaBliss_WWE on the platform, which might be another good way to differentiate the fakes from the real.

Regarding social media, one should question every interaction with people and accounts they don’t know, as scammers run rampant online. See Twitter’s financial scam policy created in 2019, which also includes how to report any potentially fraudulent transaction.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA.

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