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William angrily accused Meghan of bullying Kensington Palace staff, royal expert claims

Prince William
Prince William reportedly accused Meghan Markle of mistreating Kensington Palace staff. Pic credit: ©

Prince William reportedly lashed out angrily at Meghan Markle over allegations that she bullied Kensington Palace staff, a royal expert has claimed.

Writing in the Daily Mail, royal expert Robert Lacey, author of Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, claimed that the Duke of Cambridge complained bitterly about his sister-in-law’s behavior and accused her of mistreating royal staff.

Lacey also reported that the brothers quarreled bitterly during a peace meeting and were unable to put aside their differences. The meeting, arranged by members of the Royal Family and close friends, took place inside the castle after Prince Philip’s funeral in April.

Monsters & Critics reported at the time that Harry and William were spotted chatting after the funeral service at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Media reports claimed that Kate helped to break the ice between the brothers. She was seen having a conversation with Harry as they left the chapel and later, reportedly, drew William into the conversation.

The three senior members of the Royal Family were pictured chatting as they walked away from the chapel. Kate later drew back to allow the two brothers to continue their conversation alone.

Willian and Harry started quarreling as soon as they entered the castle

Although the sight of the royal brothers strolling along outside St. George’s Chapel raised hopes of reconciliation among Royal fans, sources said that no sooner had they entered the castle than they began quarreling.

“But those hopes [of reconciliation] were dashed within minutes of the siblings getting inside the castle and beyond camera vision. They started quarreling again,” Lacey wrote.

“There they were, at each other’s throats as fiercely as ever,” a friend of the royal brothers reportedly said. “The rage and anger between those two has grown so incredibly deep. Too many harsh and wounding things have been said.”

The bickering ended hopes of reconciliation after Philip’s funeral.

William was infuriated by Meghan

William was reportedly infuriated by Meghan’s alleged bullying of Kensington Palace staff, it was claimed.

According to Lacey, when one of the brother’s mutual friends who was acting as peacemaker between them pointed out to William that everyone has a difficult sister-in-law, William burst out saying, “But look at the way that b****y woman treated my staff — merciless!”

Harry’s friends reportedly acknowledged that the Duchess of Sussex was a difficult person due to her “bizarre combination of self-promotion and self-pity.”

“Meghan can be a 500 percent nightmare. The never-ending PR. She’s just so . . . American!'” a closed friend of Harry acknowledged, according to Lacey.

William ‘threw Harry out’ of the Kensington Palace household

William was reportedly so infuriated by Meghan’s alleged mistreatment of Kensington Royal Staff that he decided to split their joint Kensington Palace household.

According to royal expert Lacey writing in The Times, William wanted to be permanently separated from Meghan after a heated exchange with Harry over allegations that Meghan mistreated royal staff.

William “wanted Meghan removed … from the hitherto harmonious joint [Kensington Palace] household that he and his brother had operated together for the best part of a decade,” Lacey claimed.

William also allegedly insisted he did not want Meghan to attend the upcoming unveiling of the Princess Diana memorial statue on Kensington Palace grounds.

Harry and William are set to unveil a statue in honor of Princess Diana

The latest news comes ahead of the reunion of the royal brothers at the long-awaited unveiling of a memorial statue in honor of their late mother, Diana.

The event is scheduled to take place on Thursday, July 1, at the Sunken Garden in Kensington Palace. The date of the unveiling coincides with the 60th anniversary of Diana’s birth.

Diana, born on July 1, 1961, died tragically in a car crash in Paris in August 1997. She was only 36 years old at the time of her death.

William and Harry first announced plans to honor their mother with a memorial statue back n August 2017. Despite the rift between the brothers following Megxit, they worked together on the project to honor their mom.

In August 2020, they released a joint statement that the memorial statue will be unveiled on July 1, 2021.

30 thoughts on “William angrily accused Meghan of bullying Kensington Palace staff, royal expert claims”

  1. Meghan is going to chew Harry up and spit him out. That boy is going to have no one if she does this after the Queen dies. I wish she could get her royal guards to kidnap Harry, Archie, and lilibit and put Harry in intense therapy. FYI I am an American and I don’t trust her.

      • I’m with you. If you love someone you dont alienate them from their family. She is a classic narcissist and has half the country eating out of her hand while she cries about “how badly I am treated”, Did she not know what she was marrying into? Se is a real piece of work. I hope Harry makes it out alive.

      • Leave mother , Father, Family join with your husband or wife. Who is William to advice his brother about his wife and there lifestyle. He should focus on Kate and there children. Allow them to live there life and make there mistakes. This so call mistreatment have everything to do with race; how Meagan is treated. she will do nothing right in there eyes.

        • Which race exactly r u speaking about bc she is as much white as she is black. So ur comment is about racism in a negative way.

          • Agreed, Chris’s ignorance is showing, I thought we learned these things in elementary school – “there” for “their” (4 times); “advice” for “advise”; “so call mistreatment” for “so called mistreatment”; “have” for “has”; Meghan is spelled incorrectly. Who would listen to Chris? He hasn’t mastered elementary English.

        • The fact that Megan is known to be a very jealous and narcissistic woman has nothing to do with her race. Unfortunately, Harry will have a nightmare of a marriage with this woman. He is not a particular smart man and can be easily misled. Only time will tell if this marriage will survive .

      • I don’t know them personally, but there have been way too many assertions from Meghan which later were proved wrong.
        1. She said she knew nothing about the Royal family before meeting Harry, but her BFF said she carried a book on Diana and the family around with her. She was also filmed with a magazine on the Royals. 2. She said they met on a blind date, but she paid over $600 to a private club in London which he and his friends frequented in order to meet him. She seems to be a determined woman who will do anything to get to the top. Well, one thing she couldn’t do was change Harry’s status whom she thought would put her right up there with William and Kate. Well that didn’t happen,

    • What has Meghan ever done for you to say something like that, He. is a grown man, and thank god does not depend on the Queen, his Dad and Brother. He is his own person and not some puppet. Meghan and Harry are two loving people, strong and independent. Love that family. Meghan is American does that mean she doesn’t trust you ? So stupid

    • I really think the problem with William and all his family is that they were so afraid that Harry and Meghan were getting too much attention. Wills is gonna be king one day and his day will come when he gets all the attention and he never gave them a chance to enjoy life with the Royals. He is alot like his father who is not perfect, just look what is happening now with Charles and his younger brother!!!

  2. hello prince william. glad to see you are doing well and we are all getting over the coravirus 19. here in the states the mask is fading and citizens are using anti virus injections from pharm co’s. all kingston palace staff should be treated fairly and with the upmost repect. i’m saddened to hear about ms markels allegations of mistreatment to the staff. i’m sure it will clear up and work out better next time, she seems to be a bright lady with a lot on the table so to speak, but steady as she goes. easy on the eyes never hurts either. be well prince willaim and enjoy the summer holidays. you can always look me up in the states at my firm lebaron investments orlando FL. i drink guiennes stout also. cheers and thanks for your time.

    mr jeff newman,
    US Army
    WH affilation/TV networker.

  3. Sounds petty. On Williams part , he has nothing to say except she “Bullied” a guard. Sounds as if , he is upset that the guard is taking direction from her, a woman of color. I’m sure, he as well as everyone of them , has directed the staff in a manner not to nice at times. The examples, can be seen with him having issue, with his brother. Out of line

    • Which color u talking about ?! That’s a damn racist statement in itself! She is an actress that used her acting to weasel in and tear apart a family. Hubby is whipped and weak period. All she wanted was FAME and world wide RECOGNITION.

  4. She went in to make a statement using her African American side to her advantage. Her goal was to be equal in that royal family and status to William and Kate. Sorry Megan … doesn’t work that way. So she took her toys and went whining home while in the meantime she tore apart an entire family. I was a huge fan of Diana and felt she was sorely mistreated … however let’s call it for what it is now. This girl is a Narcissist and has an agenda. Plain to see. Harry has been made a fool and it will get worse too.

  5. WHEN I was a little girl- I used to think how great it would be to be an English Princess..
    NOW— Not so much.. They do not want to be equal– they want to be superior.. And Megan has gone crazy with her new found power… just look at those smirks.. she is getting even for her race. It’s like…look what I can do… In time this will become boring and monotonous.. and Harry will want his protector back. .Do we actually have any black people in the royalty ??? who, why ?Thank you…Your people are going to turn angry.! That’s some Monarchy ya got there, bub !


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