Who is Caitlin O’Connor? Joe Manganiello spotted with new woman after Sofia Vergara divorce

actress caitlin oconnor in instagram selfie
Actress Caitlin O’Connor and Joe Manganiello are “casually dating,” per sources close to the situation. Pic credit: @caitlin__oconnor/Instagram

After filing for divorce, it hasn’t taken actor Joe Manganiello very long to find another potential love interest.

Two months ago, Manganiello and his wife of seven years, 51-year-old actress and TV personality Sofia Vergara, filed for divorce.

While Vergara remains single and the subject of Howie Mandel jokes on America’s Got Talent, Manganiello may have quickly moved on.

He was recently spotted leaving a Venice, California gym with younger woman Caitlin O’Connor.

Based on reports and photos that surfaced, the two were said to be enjoying each other’s company and appeared in good spirits as they left together in Manganiello’s SUV.

However, O’Connor may not be well known yet amongst people familiar with Manganiello from his roles in True Blood and Magic Mike.

Caitlin O’Connor among stars of HBO series

Caitlin O’Connor is a 33-year-old actress, host, and model from Los Angeles, California. She’s had mainly non-starring roles as characters in sitcoms, TV movies, and series since 2008.

Among them was her portraying a flight attendant in HBO’s Entourage, a character in the series finale of Two and a Half Men, and various parts in Tosh 2.0 on Comedy Central.

She also

She also appears in HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, based on the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers team, culture, and fandom in the 1980s.

In the series, O’Connor plays a young version of Dyan Cannon, a longtime Lakers fan who is seen in attendance at games, much like regular Jack Nicholson. The second season of Winning Time began airing in August, with its seventh episode set for Sunday, September 17.

O’Connor’s not among the show’s main stars, but according to TMZ, she and Manganiello met after a screening for the second season of the HBO series. They were part of a group of individuals taking a dip in a hot tub at the event held at executive producer Jim Hecht’s home.

In addition to acting, O’Connor worked as a ring girl for Top Rank Boxing and other promotions. O’Connor is also a host who’s appeared on various shows or networks, including Fox News and AfterBuzz TV.

She made Maxim Magazine’s Ten Hottest Girls In America list in the magazine’s July/August 2013 issue and was listed at No. 8 on Mode Lifestyle Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful Women in 2016.

Manganiello is ‘casually’ dating O’Connor right now

As mentioned, Manganiello was recently spotted leaving with O’Connor after a workout at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California.

Photos that surfaced on Page Six showed Manganiello carrying a black and yellow gym bag. The 46-year-old actor wore a white tank top with stylish Jordan shorts and Nike sneakers. His new arm tattoo was also visible.

O’Connor also wore white sneakers, black leggings, and a light blue crop top. The two appeared happy as they were photographed leaving the gym and getting into Manganiello’s SUV.

According to TMZ, sources told them that Manganiello and O’Connor are “casually dating,” so they’re not quite official yet.

Based on sources close to the situation, the actors bonded due to both being from the greater Pittsburgh area.

Manganiellio’s dating situation comes less than two months after his divorce from Sofia Vergara made headlines. Per TMZ, speculation arrived that Manganiello had wanted kids and Vergara didn’t, which may have been part of the reason they decided to go their separate ways.

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