Joe Manganiello reveals a new tattoo following Sofia Vergara divorce announcement

Joe Manganiello at Rampage premiere.
Joe Manganiello got some new ink after splitting from Sofia Vergara. Pic credit: © Nelson

A recent photo shared by Joe Manganiello’s tattoo designer showcases the actor’s new forearm tattoo.

The design was created by visual art director and artist Ruben Malayan.

This tattoo is a homage to the 46-year-old actor’s Armenian roots, which he takes great pride in.

In an Instagram post by the talented artist, Malayan shares the significance behind the tattoo.

In the social media posts, he writes, “My latest work, so far largest in scale Հրեշտակ (Angel) for @joemanganiello, who I am sure will wear it with pride!”

That said, the significance of the term “Angel” is not explained in the social media share.

Joe Manganiello poses with a new Armenian tattoo

The True Blood actor is captured in a photograph wearing a gray shirt and sporting a well-maintained five o’clock shadow.

Sitting on his lap is Bubbles, a charming chihuahua-pomeranian mix that Sofia Vergara allowed him to keep after their separation.

Manganiello poses and flexes his left arm to showcase the bold Armenian print in full camera view.

Manganiello is known for speaking openly and proudly about his Armenian heritage.

In a PBS interview (via People), the Deathstroke actor discussed a harrowing story about his great-grandmother at length. The tragic tale involved the terrors of surviving the Armenian genocide by the Turks.

Speaking to the outlet, Manganiello says, “The Turks came into her home in 1915 under the guise of World War I and tried to enact the genocide that they had begun,”

“They shot her husband dead, shot her. She laid on the ground, pretended that she was dead while seven other gunshots that went off, which were her seven children,” adds Manganiello.

He further elaborates the soldiers left an infant to starve while his great-grandmother played dead until they left. The brave woman then “strapped the baby onto her back” and attempted to begin a new life elsewhere.

When did Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello split?

As previously reported at Monsters and Critics, the couple — who were married for seven years — announced in a joint statement they were ending their relationship.

In a statement to Page Six, Manganiello and Vergara write, “We have made the difficult decision to divorce.” The statement goes on to say, “As two people that love and care for one another very much, we politely ask for respect of our privacy at this time as we navigate this new phase of our lives.”

In the same report, we mentioned there were rumors for some time of a breakup between the Magic Mike actor and Vergara. His absence has been noticed as he hasn’t been featured in any recent social media posts by the Modern Family star.

It remains unclear what caused the fallout. However, there have been insider sources claiming sobriety caused tension. More specifically, Manganiello quit drinking in 2002, and sources claim it led to a struggle due to Vergara’s willingness to consume.

However, a source close to the actress responded to the claims, arguing,” [Sofia] could not have been more supportive” of her husband’s sobriety.

Outside of their inner struggles, the 51-year-old actress lives large on America’s Got Talent.

As far as Manganiello, he has two movies coming down the pipeline. One is called The Kill Room, with a decent cast, including Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson.

The other movie is titled Nonnas featuring Linda Cardellini and Susan Sarandon. The comedy revolves around a business entrepreneur establishing a restaurant that employs grandmothers as chefs. The storyline seems quite amusing.

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