When are the Bella Twins’ estimated due dates?

When are the Bella Twins' estimated due dates?
The Bella Twins are due to deliver their babies this summer. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Acepixs

The upcoming season of Total Ballas will have a great new storyline as both Nikki Bella and her twin sister Brie Bella are both pregnant.

However, for fans who want to see the pregnancy through to the end of the term, it might need to wait until next season to see the twins delivering their babies.

Their father, Jonathan Garcia, told Fox News on Wednesday night when his twin daughters are due.

Bella Twins due date

We reported yesterday that the Bella Twins made their pregnancy announcement at the same time.

According to Nikki Bella, they already knew that Brie was pregnant at Thanksgiving and that is when she started to feel strange in her own body.

While she thought it might have been “twin vibes” since Brie Bella was pregnant, she took a test anyway and found out that she too was pregnant.

Nikki Bella then said that she and Brie were due within a week and a half of each other.

Now, we know when the two babies should be born.

Jonathan Garcia told Fox News that his daughters were due around the end of July.

That means the Bella Twins got pregnant at the end of September or early in October. Nikki Bella was pregnant for over a month before she realized she was pregnant.

“They’re looking at the end of July, early August. They’ll be summer babies!” Garcia said. “We’ll have to get them sunscreen right away!”

The Total Bellas proud grandpa

The Bella Twins’ dad is very excited about his daughters having his next two grandchildren at the same time.

He is especially happy for Nikki Bella.

Garcia said that Nikki Bella has always wanted to have a child, but she was getting to the age where he thought she would never achieve that dream.

There is also the fact that her former fiance John Cena said he never wanted children. Now that she engaged to professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev, her dreams are coming true.

“Her life is a little different thanks to her relationship with Artem. She has found her happiness,” Garcia said. “His manners are awesome and he has a big heart. I already know that dude is going to be a great father.”

He also had no ill will toward Cena, who he said is a “true, hard-working businessman” who was “straightforward about [kids] being something he didn’t want.” Garcia said that Cena is doing what he loves and Bella is getting what she wants now too.

As for Brie Bella, Garcia said that she already proved to be a great mother with daughter Birdie and she and Daniel Bryan are excited about the new addition to their family.

Total Bellas season 5 premieres on E! early in 2020 on with 10 hour-long episodes.

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