When are the Bella Twins’ estimated due dates?

The upcoming season of Total Ballas will have a great new storyline as both Nikki Bella and her twin sister Brie Bella are both pregnant. However, for fans who want to see the pregnancy through to the end of the term, it might need to wait until next season to see the twins delivering their

See Brie Bella’s gruelling 21-hour labor on Total Bellas season finale

Total Bellas star Brie Bella delivered a healthy baby girl named Birdie earlier this year — but only after an excruciatingly long labor. On tonight’s season finale of the Total Divas spin-off, the excitement and stress of Brie’s delivery is the main event. Getting to the endgame was a tough and hard labor for the

Brie Bella learns she is more British than Italian on Total Bellas

Imagine finding out that your ethnicity is not what you expected. That’s exactly what happens to Brie Bella tonight on E!’s Total Bellas. Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan gleefully presents a sealed DNA results envelope and reels off the percentages by country and region that his wrestling star wife actually hails from — and it’s not

Total Bellas: Brie and Daniel Bryan’s sex rut and learning to drive stickshift

Men, if you’re looking for an example of patience personified look no further than yours truly, John Cena. The WWE legend has shown SERIOUS amounts of self-control while trying to teach Brie Bella to drive stickshift in a Jeep. The lesson goes down on tonight’s episode of Total Bellas as John calmly explains how to use the clutch when