Brie Bella learns she is more British than Italian on Total Bellas

Brie Bella
The moment Brie Bella learns she is more a British lass than an Italian bombshell on Total Bellas

Imagine finding out that your ethnicity is not what you expected. That’s exactly what happens to Brie Bella tonight on E!’s Total Bellas.

Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan gleefully presents a sealed DNA results envelope and reels off the percentages by country and region that his wrestling star wife actually hails from — and it’s not what she thought!

In the clip below, Daniel has called friends Lauren and Johnny and family together with Brie at a restaurant as he shares what the DNA and ancestry report has discovered.

His wife Brie assumed she was Italian and Mexican, but she isn’t to the extent that she thought she was.

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan delights in telling his wife her true ethnicity on tonight’s Total Bellas


After a dramatic drumroll, Daniel says: “She is 40.4 per cent Northwestern European — 26.1 per cent British and Irish — she is 29.6 per cent Southern European…of which 11.2 per cent is Italian. So she is actually more British and Irish than she is Italian. She is 7.1 per cent East Asian and Native American….also in the European section, she is 11.4 per cent Ashkenazy Jewish!”

Brie appears slightly gobsmacked and says: “What? That’s kind of crazy cause now I feel like I can’t say I’m Mexican and Italian.”

Bryan corrects her and says: “There’s no such thing as Mexican, it’s native Americans mixed with European.” A slightly stunned Brie wants to share the news, and says: “I feel like we need to FaceTime Nicole [Brie’s sister] to tell her the results.”

Total Bellas airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on E!

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