Total Bellas: Brie and Daniel Bryan’s sex rut and learning to drive stickshift

John Cena teaching Brie Bella to drive stickshift on Total Bellas
John Cena hilariously teaching Brie Bella to drive stickshift on Total Bellas

Men, if you’re looking for an example of patience personified look no further than yours truly, John Cena.

The WWE legend has shown SERIOUS amounts of self-control while trying to teach Brie Bella to drive stickshift in a Jeep.

The lesson goes down on tonight’s episode of Total Bellas as John calmly explains how to use the clutch when changing gears by holding it to the floor as you move the gear lever before lifting it off again.

Let’s just say it doesn’t come naturally to Brie, who leaves the Jeep lurching around the road as her clutch control goes AWOL.

But even she is amazed at John’s patience. She says: “Learning stick from John is amazing. John is a great teacher.  He has patience, but he knows someone’s weakness and he knows how to work around that and he knows how to talk to you and he knows how to go forth. He made it very enjoyable.”

This week’s Total Bellas also sees Brie and Daniel Bryan’s relationship facing the strain because of a sex rut. But fear not — Nikki has time on her hands.

Enough time, it seems, to come up with a potential way to solve their problem. The episode’s title is Quickie Fix, so we’ll leave the solution up to your imagination!

Also check out Brie training at the WWE Performance Center where she tells fellow wrestler WWE why she’s stepping away from the ring.

Total Bellas airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on E!.

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