Taylor Swift fans are flipping out over Jake Gyllenhaal ‘diss’ of her album Red, take aim at W Mag

singer taylor swift and actor jake gyllenhaal
Taylor Swift’s loyal fans are calling out W Mag over their Jake Gyllenhaal Instagram photo and caption. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia & Keith Mayhew/Landmark Media

Taylor Swift’s loyal fans aren’t happy with what appeared to be a Jake Gyllenhaal Red diss towards the singer that popped up in W Magazine.

The Swifties have been reacting to a photo and an original part of a social media post’s caption, which made it appear Jake had fired shots at his ex-girlfriend from years ago.

The potential diss arrives not long after Swift released a new album with an extended version of her song, highlighting her feelings about her short relationship with Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal post on Instagram has been edited

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is known for numerous roles, including starring in the blockbuster Spider-Man: Far From Home alongside Zendaya and Tom Holland, and in films like Brokeback Mountain, Nightcrawler, and 2021’s The Guilty.

He also formerly dated singer Taylor Swift in 2010, but their relationship was short-lived. Swift released a song called All Too Well, singing about that relationship just like she has with her other former relationships. Last year, she released a new album which she’ll own called Red (Taylor’s Version). It included a re-recorded 10-minute version of All Too Well, giving more lyrics about the failed relationship.

It seemed Gyllenhaal was unbothered by it all until he appeared in a curious photo for an article in W Magazine focusing on him as one of the top actors in his craft at age 35 or under.

W Mag’s photo on their Instagram featured Gyllenhaal in a vivid red dress shirt, with a pair of red heart sunglasses resting atop his head. The red heart shades were considered a bit of a diss towards Taylor Swift, who wore similar shades in her music video for 22. His overall look seemed to take aim at Swift’s 2012 album Red and the newer version she released last year.

Driving that point home, the post’s caption originally included “Red (Jake’s Version)” as part of the wording. However, those particular words got removed in a revised caption for the Instagram post (below).

Based on the above, it seemed to many people that Gyllenhaal might be firing back at Swift’s album and the newer version of All Tool Well that she released this past November.

Taylor Swift’s fans react to Gyllenhaal ‘diss’

Once the photo of Gyllenhaal arrived on the W Mag Instagram, it brought all sorts of comments, including many fans of singer Taylor Swift giving their thoughts about what they viewed as a diss.

Many people clearly saw the words in the original @wmag Instagram caption and called out the magazine for it.

fan reacts to w mag changing ig caption gyllenhaal
Pic credit: @wmag/Instagram

One commenter warned W Mag about their choice of words in the caption, suggesting that the “Swifties” would be coming for them, and they were right.

fan warns w mag that swifties are coming for them
Pic credit: @wmag/Instagram

“This is offensive to the Taylor Swift community,” one individual said, with nearly 500 others liking the comment.

fan reacts jake gyllenhaal ig post w mag
Pic credit: @wmag/Instagram

Another fan posted some of Swift’s lyrics from her song about Gyllenhaal, suggesting they make for a better caption.

taylor swift fan reacts to jake gyllenhall ig post w mag
Pic credit: @wmag/Instagram

Another individual believes Gyllenhaal is “obsessed with Taylor” based on the photo and words in the caption.

fan reacts jake gyllenhaal w mag ig post about taylor swift
Pic credit: @wmag/Instagram

One representative for Team Taylor decided to tell Jake Gyllenhaal straight out, “You suck,” although it’s unknown if he read all the comments.

fan comments w mag ig post jake gyllenhaal
Pic credit: @wmag/Instagram

Another commenter called the post and caption “embarrassing” for W Mag, including supermodel Karli Kloss, who is part of the group of investors that bought the magazine in 2020.

swift fan calls out w magazine for gyllenhaal post
Pic credit: @wmag/Instagram

Based on the backlash that the post and original caption received, it seems the Swifties were not happy with the apparent diss. Per Page Six, a rep for W Mag didn’t acknowledge the caption change. It’s still unknown if Gyllenhaal recognized all the drama it was causing and he or his people asked for a revise, or someone at W Mag decided to change up the caption.

It seems possible that the ire of the displeased Swifties prompted a change in the original words, as they are quite the loyal and dedicated group of fans!

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2 years ago

But all of the actors were dressed in monochromatic colors, so there is no evidence that this had anything to do taytay.