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Story about rapper Cuban Link being shot 5 times turns out to be fake

Cuban Link shares a selfie to Instagram
It seems that Cuban Link is very much alive despite a story circulating that he had been shot five times. Pic credit: @cubanlinlclk/Instagram

Last night, a story was spread online that rapper Cuban Link had been shot five times while getting out of his car in the Bronx, New York.

However, it later became clear that the story was either a fake or a misunderstanding as we learned that the 48-year-old Terror Squad alum had not been the victim of a shooting.

The story seems to have come from an individual known as K Solo, who uploaded a since-deleted video to YouTube explaining that a “well-known good source” had just told him that Cuban Link had been murdered.

In the video, an excitable K Solo told us that “his man” had just told him that the former Terror Squad rapper Cuban Link had been shot five times as he got out of his car in the Soundview area of the Bronx.

K Solo said that Link had been blasted by two men who his friend described as “Spanish.” He went on to say he hoped that Link could rest in peace and that he didn’t understand why anyone would shoot him as he claimed the rapper was no longer a big deal.

At one point, a female companion asks if he knows for sure that it happened, which caused K Solo to exclaim that his man wouldn’t lie to him.

The original video was deleted, but a copy was reposted to Instagram by @wada_ruffalo.


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The truth about Cuban Link story emerged: he’s not dead

However, as K Solo performed his show on YouTube last night, he started getting countless messages stating that the person who’d been shot was not the former member of Terror Squad.

K Solo looked increasingly confused as messages popped up on screen telling him he’d been fooled. One message read, “​you must b dum people r clowning u. He is not dead.” And another read: “Gotta get the facts before you spread the news. You have to be responsible.”

And then K Solo receives a cellphone call from someone who explains that Cuban Link was not the real victim of the shooting. K Solo calls his source a “lying ****sucker” and claims that his friend had sworn it was true.

He then explains that the true victim of the shooting was a “Black dude” called Cuba, who was shot and robbed of his chains and links. K Solo responds by saying he hopes that the victim can rest in peace, but he also says he sees where the misunderstanding came from.

It seems like either an elaborate hoax or an unfortunate misunderstanding. You can check out K Solo’s explanation of what really happened in the video below from the 36th minute.

Fans expressed concern over Cuban Link

Unfortunately, many fans had heard the news that Link had been shot and feared the worst; some took to Link’s Instagram page to ask if he was ok.

“Hope you pull through,” said one fan.

“Is it true?” another asked.

Another worried fan lamented: “Please tell me the news I heard about you is not real!!”

One fan sent well-wishes, writing, “Hope you ok man.”

As yet, Cuban Link has not addressed the controversy surrounding his well-being, but we can be sure that he was not blasted with five bullets by two men in the Bronx yesterday.

There have been a rather unusually high number of violent crimes committed against rappers in recent weeks. Over the weekend, another New York-based rapper, Benny the Butcher, was robbed and shot in the leg in a Walmart parking lot in Houston, Texas.

This had followed the shooting dead of Mo3 on a Dallas highway last week along with the wounding of Boozie Badazz also in Dallas, Texas, the same week. Rex Got Bandz was also shot in the leg following a robbery in San Antonio, Texas.

Finally, King Von was murdered outside a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia after reportedly getting involved in a beef with members of Quando Rondo’s crew.

The rapper, whose real name is Dayvon Daquan Bennett, became embroiled in a shootout that involved multiple people, including police officers.

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