Rapper Rex Got Bandz shot and robbed in San Antonio, Texas [VIDEO]

Rex Got Bandz poses for selfie on Instagram
Rex Got Bandz has been shot in the leg in San Antonio, Texas. Pic credit: @rexgotbands/Instagram

San Antonio based rapper Rex Got Bandz has been shot and robbed in his home town.

A video began circulating yesterday, which shows the aftermath of the shooting. The 19-year-old rapper is seen sitting on the sidewalk with a lot of blood coming from a wound on his right thigh.

Warning: Explicit video below: Don’t watch if you’re squeamish when it comes to blood.

We are still waiting for an official update on his condition but judging by the video content it seems that, despite all the blood, Rex Got Bandz will survive this attack. The footage shows he’s sat upright while applying pressure on the wound.

Rex Got Bandz shot while selling shoes

In the video, the rapper is talking with a police officer who tells him to keep applying pressure to the wound. An understandably tearful Rex confirms with the policeman that he was trying to sell a pair of shoes.

It’s currently unknown who the perpetrator is and if the San Antonio Police Department have made any arrests.

Fans supported Rex Got Bandz on Twitter

Many fans took to Twitter to give their support to Rex, and were also quick to slap down haters after some people cruelly mocked the young rapper.

One fan said they’d seen the video and hoped he was going to be ok, “I hope he’s OK and he’s in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated may he recover fast in the name of Jesus.

Support on Twitter for Rex Got Bandz
Pic credit: @thecamillacash/Twitter

Another fan, an Austin based DJ, offered up prayers for a speedy recovery while admonishing the haters.

More support on Twitter for Rex Got Bandz
Pic credit: @babychxno/Twitter

Another fan called out the haters for “clownin on Rex” and called them “heartless,” before sending out their prayers to Rex, “Y’all speakin an clownin on Rex when y’all should really b sending out prayers heartless ass mfs.”

Twitter fans calls Rex Got Bandz haters clowns
Pic credit: @jaydiana6/Twitter

So far, there has been no public comment from Rex Got Bandz.

The rapper has played an important role in his community. Earlier this year, he played at a fundraiser for the family of a young mother of two who was killed in a tragic car accident.

This has proved to be a particularly violent week for the rap music industry in America with several high profile shootings. After a beef with Quando Rondo’s crew this week, King Von was shot dead outside an Atlanta nightclub.

Just yesterday, 28-year-old Mo3 was shot dead in broad daylight on a Dallas Highway.

And a couple of months ago, rapper FBG Duck was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in Chicago.

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