Simone Biles officially marries NFL player Jonathan Owens

simone biles and jonathan owens
Simone Biles marries Jonathan Owens. Pic credit: @simonebiles/Instagram

After months of preparations, bridal photoshoots, and “boujee” bachelorette parties, Simone Biles is a married woman.

Today the beautiful bride married Jonathan Owens, a football player for the Houston Texans.

The Olympic gymnast and the NFL player said their vows surrounded by friends and family, with a lavish ceremony fit for a gold medalist.

Simone announced the news on social media, where she has kept fans in the loop regarding her wedding preparations. The announcement came just shy of one week after obtaining a marriage license.

The celebrated gymnast took to Instagram to share the big news with her adoring fans. 

She posted a jam-packed carousel with notable moments from the romantic day.

Simone Biles marries Jonathan Owens’ officially owens’

Simone and Jonathan looked elated as they said their vows and celebrated their love. 

Photos saw the lovers descending a staircase carved out of marble, adding to the sophisticated vibes of the event.

The gymnast wore a halterneck wedding gown, with layered tulle, for extra drama and elegance. Simone rocked her dark tresses in a stylish updo with a high ponytail and lots of curls. 

Meanwhile, the groom looked dapper in a cream-colored suit and white sneakers.

Her caption read, in part, “officially owens.”

Simone made things extra official when she changed her Instagram name to “Simone Biles Owens.” 

However, Simone kept her IG handle the same.

The power couple began their romance three years ago and quickly became attached at the hip.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens relationship history

Simone and Jonathan’s love story is modern — a tale of two athletes who found love on social media.

Their love story began in 2020 when they met on Raya — a popular dating app for wealthy people, celebrities, and influencers. It wasn’t long before sparks flew between the two, who began appearing on each other’s social media accounts.

When Simone competed at the 2020 Olympics in 2021, Jonathan supported her from afar and watched her performance.

Although Simone eventually dropped out of most of the competition, she eventually received a bronze medal before returning home to Jonathan.

Less than a year after the Tokyo Olympics, the couple took the next step in their relationship.

 In February 2022, they finally confirmed the news everyone was waiting for – Simone and Jonathan were engaged!

Simone shared the moment with the caption, “THE EASIEST YES.”

She continued, “I can’t wait to spend forever & ever with you, you’re everything I dreamed of and more! let’s get married FIANCÉ.”

At 26 and 27 years old, Jonathan and Simone have a lifetime of potential memories to unlock.

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