Simone Biles shares big wedding news, hints date is ‘soon’

Simone Biles selfie.
Simone Biles is ready to marry Jonathan Owens. Pic credit: @simonebiles/Instagram

Simone Biles revealed that she would soon walk down the aisle with her fiance Jonathan Owens. 

The couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day last year and shared a video of the NFL athlete proposing to her. 

The pair of athletes met on social media in March 2020 when the legendary gymnast was preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

In a recent photo, Biles and her soon-to-be husband both smiled in a car while the Olympic gold medalist held up a photo of their marriage license. 

The pair have been planning their marriage for over one year, and she wrote in the caption of the Instagram photo, “almost time to say “I do” ??.”

In an interview with E! News last April, Biles said the pair were working on getting a wedding date and “solidifying” the guest list. 

She added that the pair planned on tying the knot during Owens’s off-season in 2023. 

Simone Biles recalls falling in love with Jonathan Owens

Following her engagement to the NFL athlete, Biles explained how the pair connected and fell in love. 

“We clicked really, really well in the beginning because we’re athletes, and we have the same busy schedules. But other than that, since it was kind of a COVID relationship,” she said in an interview with Today, continuing: 

“We’re with each other 24/7, so I feel like now when we’re not with each other, it’s almost weird. We’re always texting or calling each other. It’s kind of gross in a way.”

Owens said that he was lovestruck about a month into their relationship and added that his dog’s Zeus reaction to the gold medalist was a sign that their bond was special. 

The pair gushed about how their bond grew stronger the more time they spent with each other, and they quickly moved in together. 

Simon Biles can’t get over her new leotard for GK Elite

Biles flashed a beautiful smile as she modeled a leotard from her new collection in partnership with GK Elite

The 26-year-old gushed about the design, writing in the caption that she simply can’t get over it. 

The athlete is wearing the Crystal Clear Workout Leotard, which she designed herself. 

The leotard has bright purple colors and a crisscross design around the midsection. It has a square neck shape and is made mostly from polyester. 

It’s currently retailing at a discounted price of $35.99 on the official website. 

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