Simone Biles claps back at haters who insult her wedding ponytail

Simone Biles claps back at haters who insult her wedding ponytail. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Simone Biles is clapping back at haters who insulted her appearance at her weekend wedding ceremony.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Simone got married over the weekend, saying her vows in a beautiful ceremony with her new husband, Houston Texans player Jonathan Owens. The two had a beautiful ceremony, taking to social media to share the special moment.

However, some haters didn’t miss the chance to throw jabs at the Olympic gymnast, insulting her hair.

Simone wore a stylish ponytail for the wedding vows, but some people were displeased with her hair on the joyous occasion.

The athlete wasn’t afraid to defend herself and her hair choices, though.

The Olympic gymnast also reminded fans that she lived in Houston, Texas and the sweat would have ruined her natural hair.

Simone Biles responds to wedding hairstyle haters

Over the weekend, Simone’s wedding finally arrived, and she shared content from her special day.

Unfortunately, some people took the chance to bash Simone, criticizing her hairstyle. One critic took issue with Simone’s edges. 

The person wrote, “Them edges should have been laid. It is her wedding day. This ain’t regular hair day. But I wouldn’t have said it. But I don’t disagree.”

It seems other people agreed because the tweet garnered 44 likes.

simone tweet
Pic credit: @alanice22/Twitter

However, Simone had support, with a Twitter user posting a meme of a surprised Nene Leakes. Accompanying the meme were words of encouragement for Simone from a fan wondering why others chose to focus on the gymnast’s wedding hairstyle.

Simone responded with a message about her hair choices and the climate in which she lives.

She wrote, “i think they also forget i live in HOUSTON TEXAS & I sweat those out!! soon as we stepped outside for pics but they can keep complaining idc idc idc.”

As for Simone’s wedding ensemble, the gold medalist was a vision as she said her vows to her love of three years.

Simone Biles marries Jonathan Owens

One week after obtaining a marriage license, Simone and Jonathan got married in Houston, Texas.

The marriage between athletes came three years after the couple met on Raya.

Simone revealed the news with a jam-packed IG carousel with noteworthy snapshots from the day.

The gymnast looked divine wearing a halterneck wedding gown with layered tulle. Meanwhile, Jonathan looked handsome in a cream-colored suit with crisp loafers.

As for Simone, she made things extra official by changing her name on social media to “Simone Biles Owens.”

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Mind ur business
Mind ur business
11 months ago

Shame! Shame! Shame! Don’t worry Simone remember that at home sitting on the couch watching you?what goals have they accomplished * besides talking about somebody on their wedding day!!! TOTAL LOSERS* BR HAPPY GURLFRIEND!! WATER DONT RUN THE SAME WAY TWICE * SO ENJOY YOUR LIFE * HATERS GOING TO HATE!! SO LET THEM! THEY WILL BE ONE’S IN FRONT OF THE TV WATCHING YOU AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN*)