Queen Elizabeth likely in ‘despair’ at behavior of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry

Queen Elizabeth attends a royal event
Queen Elizabeth is thought to be becoming increasingly frustrated with some of the younger members of her family. Pic credit: ©

Queen Elizabeth is in absolute “despair” at the actions of some of her closest family members, according to a royal expert.

It looks like the Queen may have had a difficult start to the new year, and the behavior of some of her children and grandchildren, namely Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, really isn’t helping matters.

The 95-year-old monarch has begun slowing down in recent months as she’s seen a bit of a deterioration in her health and even had to briefly attend a hospital for tests. Her doctors ordered her Majesty to take things easier, and Prince Charles and William have started taking up a bit more of the slack.

However, the House of Windsor has recently been rocked by serious sexual abuse allegations leveled at Prince Andrew, which has led to a spotlight on his past behaviors and relationships with disgraced financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and convicted sex trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell.

This combined with Prince Harry choosing last week to start a lawsuit against the British government over a row surrounding who should provide security to him and his family should they return to the UK. Harry and Meghan Markle had their automatic right to police protection withdrawn when they moved to California.

All of this will be giving the Queen a massive headache. Royal expert, Jennie Bond, told OK Magazine this week, “I think the Queen will be holding her hands up in despair with her children and some of her grandchildren.”

Bond also referred to Her Majesty choosing to strip military titles and royal patronages from both Andrew and Harry; she argued that some had thought it unfair that Andrew had retained his titles for a lot longer than Harry had his. Andrew had his titles removed last week after a judge in New York ruled he would have to face a lawsuit. Harry and Meghan lost their honorary titles last year when they decided not to return to England.

Jennie Bond said: “Everybody feels for the Queen now with the Andrew debacle, but I think there has to be some equity between Harry and Andrew now. There was the argument, and it probably wasn’t correct, but if Harry has been stripped of his titles, then Andrew should have been some time ago.”

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry attend a royal wedding
Prince Andrew and Prince Harry have been providing problems for the rest of the family in recent times. Pic credit: ©

Prince Andrew will fight case as a ‘private citizen’

Buckingham Palace released a statement last week which revealed that “the Duke of York’s military affiliations and Royal patronages” had been returned to the Queen and that Andrew would continue not to perform any public duties and will defend his case as a “private citizen.”

Prince Harry behaving in a ‘petulant’ manner

In the meantime, a rumor emerged earlier this week that Harry had actually reached out to his father, Charles, and offered to help out with some royal duties. Unfortunately, this cannot yet be confirmed.

In relation to Harry’s ongoing battle to get his family police protection in the UK, Bond called the prince “petulant” and said, “he can’t have it both ways.”

She said: “It’s one thing to request security, but it’s another to threaten to sue your grandmother’s government. He comes across as petulant.

The royal expert then added: “Harry can’t pick and choose like this, he can’t have it both ways, and he’s beginning to realize that having given up his royal duties, he’s going to lose privileges which he thought were by birth his.”

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