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Queen Elizabeth comes under mounting pressure to remove Prince Andrew’s titles

Prince Andrew and the Queen attending royal events
The Queen is coming under increasing pressure to punish her son, Prince Andrew, over sex abuse allegations. Pic credit: © and Acepixs

Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace are coming under increasing pressure to remove Prince Andrew’s titles or to punish him in some way as his legal battles continue.

The lawyers for the Queen’s 61-year-old son are currently fighting a civil sex assault case in New York. Virginia Giuffre — formerly Virginia Roberts, has accused Andrew of committing sexual assault and battery against her when she was aged just 17.

According to the Express, the judge has said they will reach a decision “pretty soon” on whether or not the case will be thrown out. However, even before the judge has made a ruling, there have been calls for the Prince to lose his royal titles and patronages.

Prince Andrew took a step back from royal duties in 2019 after performing what was considered a disastrous interview on the BBC regarding his relationship to disgraced financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. However, some have argued that wasn’t enough.

Buckingham Palace should take a ‘critical look’ at Andrew’s titles

Royal author, Nigel Cawthorne, told the Express: “A thorough and critical look by Buckingham Palace into Prince Andrew’s titles, including the HRH, is long overdue.”

He also added: “Other senior royals have seen their royal paraphernalia curtailed under circumstances that both cause the monarch much less embarrassment and have less potential to careen into a constitutional crisis.”

At the end of last year, British journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown reportedly told a UK TV documentary that “[the Queen] should have excluded him [Andrew], from not just public life, but from his position in the palaces.”

The Queen may struggle to sanction her son as the pair reportedly have a very close relationship. Earlier this year, it was reported that while Her Majesty is often frustrated by her firstborn son Prince Charles, she is much more “openly affectionate” with Andrew. The two brothers are said to have very different personalities.

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Prince Andrew voluntarily stepped back from royal duties in November 2019 when he posted a statement to Instagram claiming he regretted his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Charles and William reportedly don’t want Andrew to return to duty

During the summer, it was also reported that Prince Charles and Prince William are becoming increasingly concerned and exasperated with Andrew’s legal problems. Royal expert Russell Myers said that they were worried Andrew could pose a threat to the monarchy and were united in their belief that he should not be allowed to return to royal duties.

Earlier this year, the Queen stripped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of a number of royal patronages and military titles. The decision was taken after the wandering couple insisted on staying in California instead of returning to their royal duties.

Harry voluntarily gave up using His Royal Highness as a title, but the couple remained the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Harry is still a prince.

It’s been a very challenging year for the Queen; as well as dealing with Andrew’s lawsuit and Harry’s resignation from royal duties, she also suffered from the death of her longtime husband, Prince Philip.

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  1. Prince Andrew was born a prince and therefore that title would not be taken. The only thing that may happen as a non-working Royal would be for him to step down from his Patronages. There is no comparison between him and Prince Harry.

  2. There is no such thing as an innocent in the circles of the royal family, they have all committed a scandal of some kind or another. Whether you like it or not, Andrew is guilty, everyone knows that to be true, including himself. Andrews TV interview was a sham, he had guilt written all over him. I believe this case will be a cure for the ailment that causes him to “not sweat.”

  3. Randy Andy is guilty and they DON”T want Ghislane to sqwuak because I saw one of the flight logs to the Lolita express and the name of the future King himself was on it. She can really do a lot of damage in the House of Windsor.

  4. Prince Andrew was seen with Jeffery Epstein AFTER he was convicted the first time of sex trafficking, he Andrew had to see him and tell him Jeffery he andrew could not see him anymore? Really! Their is a video of Andrew waving goodbye to a young girl at Jeffery’s apartment in New York. Prince Andrew calls Virginia a gold digger out for money, yet Prince Andrew is going all over the world and playing on tax payers money? I believe Virginia and the other women..Sex trafficking is a serious problem in our country and needs to be stopped! Sex trafficking I am hearing is a billion dollar bussiness, it is sick and horrific. I seen a interview where Sarah Ferguson had with Merideth Viera in 2019 saying how dare these women accuse my husband of this, she said Andrew is the best man in the world and my best friend? How dare these women make such sulacious lies and the media pounces on that and keeps writing


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