Priyanka Chopra goes glam to celebrate the world premiere of Citadel

Priyanka Chopra attends a premiere.
Priyanka Chopra stuns in red as she joins her Citadel cast mates for the world premiere of the show. Pic credit: © Hirata/HollywoodNewsWire

Priyanka Chopra may be a busy mom and a wife to singer Nick Jonas, but the actress clearly knows how to balance her home life with her career.

The 40-year-old star, who formerly dominated screens everywhere on the short-lived series Quantico, has made her comeback to the screen with the new show Citadel.

Stepping out recently with all of her cast mates, which include Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden and The Devil Wears Prada actor Stanley Tucci, the 2000 Miss Universe title holder glowed in a stunning red gown at the world premiere of the action series.

Posting snaps to her social media page to celebrate the show finally hitting streaming services, Priyanka proudly posed next to Richard and Stanley, along with all of the other lead stars.

Starting off with a solo shot of herself in the off-the-shoulder dress, Priyanka shifted the focus from being solely on her to an adorable snap of her and Nick sharing a sweet nose-touching snuggle on the red carpet.

The actress then stood for a side-by-side shot with Richard, with the pair looking stoic and stylish for their time together, before showing a snap of the duo sharing a laugh with Stanley and fellow actor Lesley Manville.

Broadening the pics to include snaps with the whole cast, Priyanka matched her co-star Ashleigh Cummings as both actresses rocked red for the occasion, with the youngest female star Caoilinn Springall rocking a navy-blue dress in the middle of the group.

Citadel stars Rolland Moller, Leo Woodall, Osy Ikhile, David Weil, Matilda De Angelis, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Varun Dhawan, and sibling duo The Russo Brothers were also tagged in the snaps.

What to know about Citadel’s production and release date

Unless fans had followed Priyanka’s filming journey online, many may not know that the show began shooting nearly a full year ago, with the actress initially alarming followers after sharing shots of her face looking bruised and beaten up to announce her new project.

With the series finally hitting Amazon Prime after a long wait, viewers are surely going to be eager to learn more about the show that has been hyped up for the last few weeks.

As reported by Looper, Amazon has recently proven to be willing to shell out what it takes to give the populace the most engaging entertainment possible, having spent a whopping $715 million for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, making it the most expensive TV show of all time.

Citadel is reportedly not far behind LOTR, swiftly becoming the second most expensive TV show next to its predecessor, costing an estimated $300 million so far to pull together.

Despite the hefty price tag and years-long production, with Looper stating that the show was actually in the works as far back as five years ago, Citadel has made it to fruition and will grace television screens across the globe soon.

Season 1 will release its first two episodes on April 28, 2023, with one episode a week following that for a cumulative six episodes.

What to know about the Citadel plot

Aside from just being an action-packed show, Citadel also purports to provide plenty of human drama as the titular characters Nadia and Mason, portrayed by Priyanka and Richard, seek to recover their memories after having them wiped clean following the fall of their spy company Citadel.

Nadia and Mason’s lives become forever altered with the arrival of Stanley Tucci’s Bernard Orlick, who helps the pair to regain their memories in order to help take down Citadel’s rival agency Manticore.

Naturally playing upon the tension between Nadia and Mason as they struggle together with the realization of their muddied past, the plot synopsis makes sure to give viewers a hint into the relationship struggles set to unfold between the two over the course of the series.

“The two spies embark on a mission that takes them around the world in an effort to stop Manticore, all while contending with a relationship built on secrets, lies, and a dangerous-yet-undying love,” reads the plot line.

Despite having what sounds like a relatively linear plot, Priyanka warned fans to go into watching the show without expectations of having a plot that flows.

As shared with Variety, Priyanka was blunt when discussing the series.

“The show is completely non-linear,” she said. “We had to remind each other of the story. It was like a big jigsaw to remember,” she explained, alluding to the fact that both her character and Richard’s character have to jump back and forth as they strive to recall important memories that were previously lost to them.

“Sometimes, you’re like, ‘What character am I now? What do I know? What do I not know?’” Richard added about the jumps the pair had to make while filming.

The Russo Brothers added their take on the show, saying in a press event that the goal was to have “the new personalities come in conflict with their old personalities” and that the idea of dueling past and present personalities made it more exciting to create.

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