Prince Harry’s speech at Diana statue unveiling pulled after he refused to show the text ahead of time

Prince Harry
Prince Harry allegedly refused to provide the text of his speech ahead of the Diana statue unveiling event. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry and William may have been forced to shelve plans to give separate speeches at the Diana statue unveiling event earlier in July after Harry allegedly refused to let anyone look at his speech before delivering it, a royal expert has claimed.

Monsters & Critics reported that contrary to expectations that Harry and William would present a unified front by releasing a joint statement at the unveiling of a statue in honor of their mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, the feuding brothers insisted on giving separate speeches.

Tensions were high between Harry and William

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti claimed that tensions were high between the brothers during the statue unveiling event. He cited rumors that Harry and William were forced to shelve plans to give separate speeches after Harry refused to provide a copy of his speech ahead of the event.

“… you can tell that obviously tensions were very high and there was perhaps some fear of not knowing what would happen,” Sacerdoti said, according to Express. “And there had also been some rumors in the press that Harry had refused to give this text of the speech he was going to give to anybody to check and in the end, there were no speeches.”

“So again it’s hard to know if that was just a baseless rumor or if perhaps that’s why there were no speeches nobody really knows,” he added.

Harry and William’s body language during statue unveiling showed feud wasn’t over, expert claimed

Body language expert Blanca Cobb claimed the brothers’ body language during the Diana statue unveiling ceremony showed their feud wasn’t over.

Cobb claimed that analysis of Harry and William’s body language suggested they made a conscious effort to hide the frostiness between them.

Cobb added that the brothers might have received body language training before the event. She noted that it wasn’t unusual for public figures to receive coaching from body language experts before attending important events.

William showed reluctance to engage with Harry at Diana unveiling

Cobb also pointed out that William appeared unwilling to engage when Harry attempted to break the ice.

A video clip uploaded online showed Harry attempting to start a friendly conversation with William after they unveiled the statue but Cobb claimed the Duke of Cambridge appeared reluctant to engage with Harry.

In related news, sources claimed that the rift between Harry and William deepened ahead of the Diana unveiling event and that royal aides were concerned there was no end in sight to the feud between the brothers.

The Diana statue unveiling took place on Thursday, July 1, at the Sunken Garden, Kensington Palace.

The private ceremony was attended by William, Harry, and close relatives of Princess Diana, including Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Lady Jane Fellowes, and Charles Spencer.

Senior Royals, including the Queen, Prince Charles, and Kate Middleton, did not attend.

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Richard Prior
Richard Prior
2 years ago

The majority of the British Public who support the Royal Family have zero interest in ever seeing Henry Windsor and Meghan Windsor in Public