Prince Harry’s latest court case ends in a loss for the beleaguered royal

Prince Harry in London.
Prince Harry suffered another court case loss. Pic credit: ©

Since Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, decided to step back from being working royals and move to California, things have not been the same.

With his wish to step back out of the limelight also came stark changes in what would be provided to him and his family.

The Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (Ravec) decided not to offer Harry and his family the round-the-clock police protection provided to working royals.

There was a distinct decision to downgrade the level of personal security he receives when visiting the U.K., as reported by Time.

Citing safety concerns and the belief that the taxpayers in the United Kingdom should pay for his security, Prince Harry sued to reinstate it.

In a written statement, Sir Peter Lane ruled on Prince Harry’s challenge to the Home Office’s security ruling.

Prince Harry loses in court again

According to the Telegraph, the judge ruled against Harry and reports, “Harry’s lawyers had ‘an inappropriate, formalist interpretation of the Ravec process’ and that the decision made in 2020 was ‘legally sound.'”

Prince Harry is going to appeal this decision, and a big part of his decision to appeal could be because of his father, King Charles’ cancer diagnosis. Harry and Meghan may be trying to spend more time in England to be close to his father.

Harry made a whirlwind trip there and back as soon as the news of the King’s cancer was made public.

While it may have been a publicity stunt so that the news outlets didn’t report Prince Harry’s first appearance after the world learned the devastating news of King Charles having cancer was an appearance for the NFL Honors, it’s more likely the trip was because he loves his dad.

Two individuals could be arrested in Harry and Meghan’s reckless driving case

Last May, Prince Harry and Meghan were involved as victims in a reckless driving episode in New York City. Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, was also in the chauffeured vehicle.

ABC reports it involved “reckless” behavior on the part of the paparazzi, according to a New York Police Department investigation. The news was released today that the investigation found sufficient evidence to arrest two people.

Incidents like this must make Harry and Meghan more afraid than others because of their high profile, making security necessary to protect them. The big question is who should pay for that protection. The court has decided today that it should not be the taxpayers in the UK.

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Peggy Gonzalez
Peggy Gonzalez
3 months ago

They wanted to be independently financially secure so deal with the price of your decision.