Prince Harry grabs a win with Spare

Prince Harry Smiling
Prince Harry got a much-needed win with his book Spare. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have been crushed in 2023, but there is hope that the new year will bring renewed fortune for them both.

The couple is still estranged from their royal family in the United Kingdom, with no signs that they recently spent time with King Charles or Prince William and their respective families.

Meghan did not achieve the Dior contract she wanted, and fans saw it go to an actress who portrayed a young Kate Middleton.

Then Prince Harry had his book, Spare, debut last January and was hopeful it would be a success.

The book was considered a financial failure, although it was popular. As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, the book did not recoup the advance paid to the prince.

Now that the fiscal year 2023 is over, there is good news on the horizon for Harry and his autobiography, Spare.

Harry’s book is the top-selling book in the UK for 2023

The Bookseller has announced the top books sold in the United Kingdom, and Harry’s book Spare made the list. The Bookseller has been evaluating books since 1858 and regularly publishes lists of the top-selling books in the United Kingdom.

Spare made the top of the list, winning the distinction of being the best-selling book in the UK for 2023. This is a massive win for Harry.

It was announced that the Bantam imprint of Spare sold a whopping 706,978 copies. The distinction of being the top book sold will go far for Harry and his image.

English author Richard Osman posted a list showing how well Spare fared in sales. Spare sold hundreds of thousands more than numbers two and three on the list.

Richard Osman came in second to Prince Harry with his book The Last Devil to Die.

This could turn the tide for Harry and Meghan’s public relations problems

Experts say that Harry and Meghan need to revamp their public relations strategies. They have been compared to C-List ex-reality celebrities who should be at the top because of their royal lineage.

The content that Harry included in his autobiography caused rifts with his family that have still not been repaired, even though Harry has started offering an olive branch.

Harry put stories in his book that consisted of who encouraged him to dress as a Nazi and how he called Queen Camilla a “wicked stepmother,” according to The Daily Mail.

He called his father, King Charles, to celebrate the monarch’s 75th birthday. But Charles, who Harry said gave him the name Spare on the day he was born, did not invite Harry and Meghan, or their children, Archie and Lilibet, to holiday with him over Christmas.

Fans of the royal couple cannot wait to see what their next project will be in 2024.

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