Prince Harry’s book Spare now considered a ‘financial fail’

Prince Harry Smiling Again
More bad news for Prince Harry? Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have spent time reinventing their image this year after reports of image troubles have branded them by some experts as “C-List ex-reality TV” contestants.

Prince Harry has had dealings with the United Kingdom High Courts with mixed rulings.

In one case, he lost an appeal and has been ordered to pay legal costs to the defendant. The judge ordered a strict deadline for it to be paid before the end of this year.

He had a small victory in another, and the judge said he was hacked and surveilled.

In that court case, the judge ruled that Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) hacked his voicemails and illegally gathered information about him between 1996 and 2011.

Although she did not get the coveted Dior contract she wanted, Meghan did appear in an Instagram ad for a company she invested in, Clevr Blends.

A new report calls Spare a ‘financial fail but publicity win’

Paula Froelich, a writer for News Nation Now, did a deep look into several autobiographies released in 2023, and Prince Harry’s book, Spare, was included in the list.

News Nation Now declared Spare a “financial fail” in this report.

By taking Entertainment Tonight’s information, Paula helped compile the numbers that included Prince Harry’s “four book deal Penguin Random House worth $35 to $40 million.”

The New York Post has stated that Prince Harry’s Spare sold only 1.2 million hardcover copies.

By taking one-fourth of the reported advance for one book, 9-10 million dollars, Paula concluded that to recoup the money the publisher advanced, they would have to sell “twice the amount of books [2.7 million copies] at the original price of $36 than he did to earn back his advance.”

Paula firmly concluded in the News Nation Now article, “Either way, Penguin Random House overpaid.”

Harry and Meghan called losers by The Hollywood Reporter

Harry and Meghan cannot get away from being called “C-List” or now, “Losers.” In the annual winner/loser list put out by The Hollywood Reporter, Harry and Meghan are on the Lost list.

Citing Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary and what they call a “whiny” biography, Spare, and the failed podcast, The Hollywood Reporter firmly puts them on the Lost for 2023 list.

According to, Harry and Meghan’s podcast with Spotify was named Archetypes and canceled because it did not bring in enough money.

And New York Magazine predicts that Netflix will not renew Harry and Meghan’s contract with them when it expires in 2025 and called the deal a “Hollywood flop.”

Fans of the royal couple can only hope that 2024 will bring a change in Harry and Meghan’s success for the better.

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6 months ago

I m afraid the high hope,for the Montcito Muppets regarding in 2024 2ill be a failure if they don t stop their victimhood,blaming everyone but themselves. Also they need to stop their lying and bashing of their families and move on. If 2024 is a continuation of 2023 everything they do will flop and Archwell will be history.

susanna rowe
susanna rowe
5 months ago
Reply to  Betty

I agree with you Betty, don’t care much about these two and not intrested in reading their Books, or any future books they will publish.