Prince Harry’s phone was hacked judge rules

Prince Harry In The Sun
Prince Harry wins a small court victory. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have been having a terrible time in the press lately.

Meghan just had news that a coveted spot as a Dior spokesperson was given to an actress, Meg Bellamy, instead of herself.

Meg Bellamy, an actress who played a young Kate Middleton on The Crown’s Netflix series, has signed a deal with Dior. For Meghan to lose the spot to a commoner is a stunning blow.

Recently, a High Court Judge ordered Prince Harry to pay legal fees in a court case tied to an article about him and his desire for increased security, and the order is under a strict timeframe.

The judge ordered Harry to pay £48,447 (US$60,850) in costs to Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) by December 29, 2023, in an Approved Judgment.

The royal couple continues to struggle with their image, and news articles like this do not help them recover their image.

Prince Harry garners a badly-needed win

Today, Prince Harry won a partial claim in a lawsuit where he alleged that Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) hacked his voicemails and illegally gathered information about him between 1996 and 2011.

According to VOA, Justice Timothy Fancourt of the High Court in the United Kingdom found “that phone hacking was ‘widespread and habitual’ at Mirror Group Newspapers over many years.”

The trial began in May and sought damages of 440,000 pounds (US$540,000). Harry testified in June that he would “feel some injustice” if the court did not find that he was harmed by this unlawful gathering of information, as reported by Reuters.

Justice Fancourt ruled that MGN must pay the prince £140,600 (US$179,658) in damages over finding that the case was “proven in part” and that Harry’s phone was probably “hacked ‘to a modest extent’ on occasions between 2003 and 2009,” as reported by The Daily Mail.

Prince Harry’s lawyer read a statement on his behalf

Prince Harry’s lawyer, David Sherbourne, explained that Prince Harry could not be present to read a statement because of the short time involved.

Town & Country reports, “The statement spoke about his ‘journey to justice,’ and called upon authorities to investigate bringing charges.”

Fans of the royal couple immediately started to post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

One user, @anna_itsonly me, posted part of the statement Prince Harry wrote for his lawyer to read.

A fan of Prince Harry's on X.
A fan of Prince Harry posted on X. Pic credit: @anna_itsonlyme/X

Another user posted, “Go get them all, Prince Harry! #PrinceHarryIsRight #PrinceHarryVsMGN.”

A fan of Prince Harry posts on X.
A fan of Prince Harry posting on X. Pic credit: @HekwenPenken/X

This should help Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, fix their reputations.

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