Prince Harry and Prince William haven’t communicated, ‘things are strained’

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Prince William and Prince Harry are not in communication. Pic credit: ©

Prince William and Prince Charles are not in a good space in the days leading up to the coronation ceremony for their father, King Charles III.

Last month, Prince Harry surprised the media when he attended a court hearing in London for a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Ltd, which publishes the Daily Mail.

However, while in town, Prince Harry didn’t stop to visit Prince William, or King Charles, which signaled continued tensions between the parties.

While the recent announcement of Harry’s scheduled attendance at the event may have provided fans with a glimmer of hope for a reconciliation.

Some may have thought that Meghan Markle’s absence might provide space for a conversation between Harry and his estranged family.

However, it seems that little has improved for the estranged brothers.

In fact, the brothers are not even in communication following a series of events, which arguably culminated in the release of Harry’s memoir, Spare.

Prince Harry and Prince William are not in communication 

Prince Harry and Prince William nabbed the cover of PEOPLE, with a royal source providing updates about the brothers’ relationship.

Unfortunately for royal fans, things haven’t improved between the brothers, who allegedly aren’t in communication.

A royal source revealed, “Things are strained.”

The source continued, explaining that a conversation wasn’t the same thing as attending the crowning ceremony.

In other words, just because Harry planned to attend the coronation didn’t mean he and William would speak.

The source added, “I don’t think the coronation and a big conversation can be conflated.” 

Harry has repeatedly sought a conversation after his bombshell memoir Spare. 

However, it seems the royal family hasn’t been fond of Harry’s continued public declarations. 

As a notoriously private family, Harry has flown in the face of tradition by airing dirty laundry and detailing personal information.

Prince Harry releases memoir Spare with shocking details about alleged Prince William fights

Perhaps the most obvious example of Prince Harry’s public revelations includes his January-released memoir, Spare.

The memoir gave insight into the strained relationship between Harry and William.

At Harry’s London residence, Nottingham Cottage, things came to a head in 2019.

Harry recounted one instance, during which he alleged a massive fight with William, partially over Meghan Markle.

As Harry explained, William said Meghan was “rude” and “abrasive.”

Harry took issue with William’s claims, which he said perpetuated a media narrative.

As for Harry, the two had a confrontation that left him with “scrapes and bruises.”

Time will tell how the royal family proceeds, with the coronation taking place on May 6.

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