Prince Harry claims Prince William wanted him to ‘hit’ him during fight where he saw ‘red mist’

Prince Harry
Prince Harry has opened up about William’s alleged attack. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry has claimed he saw a “red mist” in Prince William when his older brother allegedly attacked him during a row over Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex first made the sensational claims earlier this week after excerpts from his upcoming bombshell memoir leaked online.

In the book entitled Spare, Harry recalled a stand-up row with William, according to an extract of the book published by The Guardian.

The altercation ended up with William allegedly grabbing Harry by the collar and throwing him to the floor while shattering a dog bowl with his back.

Harry has since spoken about the 2019 incident for the first time during his upcoming tell-all ITV interview with Tom Bradby.

In the interview, set to air this Sunday, Harry said his brother was so frustrated during the alleged fight that he saw “the red mist in him.” 

Prince Harry saw ‘red mist’ in William

“He [William] wanted me to hit him back, but I chose not to,” Harry claimed. 

However, the dad-of-two, who first left the royal family back in 2020, said he “chose not to.”

Harry continued “What was different here was the level of frustration. I talk about the red mist that I had for so many years, and I saw this red mist in him.”

The phrase is defined as a “feeling of extreme anger” by the Cambridge Dictionary.

Harry made headlines earlier this week after excerpts from Spare leaked, which detailed an alleged physical altercation with William.

Their confrontation allegedly took place at Harry’s Nottingham Cottage home in London in 2019.

According to the report, the incident began when William called Meghan “difficult,” “rude,” and “abrasive.”

Harry also claimed the physical attack left him with visible injuries, including “scrapes and bruises.”

Prince Harry talks reconciliation with Royal family 

The clip from Sunday’s interview also saw Harry address his drug use, detailed in the bombshell memoir. 

Mr. Bradby told the Duke, “There’s a fair amount of drugs (in the book). Marijuana, magic mushrooms, cocaine. I mean, that’s going to surprise people.”

Harry, who served in the British Army for ten years, seemed to agree with the journalist, noting that it was “important to acknowledge”.

Harry also stated that a reconciliation with his family cannot happen without “some accountability.”

He added, “The truth, supposedly, at the moment, has been there’s only one side of the story, right? But, there’s two sides to every story.”

Elsewhere in the book, Harry also makes several more bombshell allegations about the Royal family, including how his father, King Charles, dubbed him a “spare” on the day he was born. 

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