Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany Mahomes snubs brother Jackson at pre-Super Bowl concert

screenshot of brittany mahomes face shot from backstage at kelly clarkson show
Brittany Mahomes appears in an Instagram video for The Kelly Clarkson Show. Pic credit: @kellyclarksonshow/Instagram

With the Super Bowl on the way, Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahones, and family are already getting attention.

Like Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, Brittany will likely appear on viewers’ screens many times throughout the big game as her husband’s Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers.

Ahead of that, she arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada, the host of this year’s Super Bowl LVIII, to enjoy some pre-game partying.

The recently-named Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue rookie attended a popular concert in the area with friends.

However, her controversial brother was denied when he tried to get to the same area where Brittany was.

His sister didn’t offer much additional help, and a viral video showed her reaction after Jackson attempted to get into the same section as her.

Brittany Mahomes shrugs off her brother Jackson at concert

A video captured by fans has gone viral online, showing Brittany Mahomes at the Future concert.

She and her friends went to a specific section of the venue to start enjoying their time at the show.

Throughout the night out, she shared various photos and videos of her with friends on her Instagram Story.

screenshot of brittany mahomes instagram story slide showing her with friends at concert in vegas pre-super bowl
Brittany Mahomes (fourth from right) with friends in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pic credit: @brittanylynne/Instagram

One video she didn’t share came from an unknown source and circulated on Twitter and TikTok.

In the video (below), Brittany is shown in a white fur coat and black leather pants as she speaks with a security guard. The camera then shows her brother, Jackson Mahomes, smiling.

Jackson is then shown talking to security and seems to name-drop that he’s “Patrick Mahomes’ brother.”

The security guard wasn’t having it and shook his head as he denied Jackson’s entry to the section where his sister was.

In the video, she looks toward him off-camera and then shrugs her shoulders as if to say, “Not my problem!”

Brittany started dancing to the music after not offering any further assistance to Jackson as she was ready to party it up without him nearby.

Jackson wasn’t completely denied access to the show, but the social media influencer couldn’t hang out near his famous sister and her friends.

Fans react to Brittany and Jackson Mahomes’ concert interaction

Due to Jackson’s controversial nature, which included felony charges dismissed in January, many TikTok comments celebrated him not getting to hang out in the same area as his sister.

“Jackson Mahomes is that family member that no one wants to hang out with but they feel obligated to invite,” a popular comment said.

“His own family doesn’t even fw him,” another commenter wrote, while one suggested, “She said ‘no cuz you have been hanging with Kayla.'”

screenshot of tiktok comments regarding brittany mahomes shrugging off her brother at concert
Pic credit: @overtimeszn/TikTok

Rumors hit weeks ago that Mahomes was with Kayla, Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend.

Additional comments arrived, reacting to the situation, and one individual even suggested that this made them like Brittany now.

“turns out all it takes is her not liking Jackson, and I like her now,” the commenter wrote.

“Lol the shrug then dancing is honestly great,” another commented.

screenshot of tiktok comments about brittany and jackson mahomes at future concert in vegas
Pic credit: @overtimeszn/TikTok

Brittany receives plenty of spotlight due to being the wife of a superstar quarterback, often getting harsh criticism online from fans.

Her celebrity profile has increased due to her publicly shown friendship with megastar singer Taylor Swift, who is currently dating Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce. In addition, Brittany was recently named a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue rookie.

Most likely, Taylor and Brittany will be shown on TV celebrating big plays on Sunday by their significant others, which drives some viewers up the wall.

However, Brittany’s concert interaction with her brother has seemed to warm some of her detractors up to her a bit more. That could very well change based on her appearance at the Super Bowl.

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