Taylor Swift under fire for ‘snubbing’ Celine Dion as she accepts Grammy award: ‘She’s an extreme narcissist’

taylor swift celine dion on the red carpet
Did Taylor disrespect Celine while accepting her Grammy? Pic credit: ©

Grammy Awards viewers are accusing Taylor Swift of giving Celine Dion the cold shoulder.

On Sunday, February 4, the best of the best in the music industry attended the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, which commenced at Arena in Los Angeles, California.

Taylor may have come away a winner on Sunday night, but that didn’t mean her critics were impressed with her behavior.

Taylor accepted the Grammy Awards’ Album of the Year award, walking away with a coveted gramophone trophy, the 14th for the legendary pop star.

But, it wasn’t necessarily Taylor’s win that rubbed her critics the wrong way, but rather the way she accepted it.

Taking the stage to present the Album of the Year winner was iconic songstress Celine Dion, making a rare public appearance amid her battle with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS).

As Taylor walked on stage to accept her award for her album, Midnights, she ignored Celine, even turning her back on the Canadian crooner, not making eye contact with Celine or acknowledging her presence whatsoever.

Taylor’s behavior irked her critics, who took to X (formerly Twitter) to put her on blast.

Taylor Swift accused of slighting music icon Celine Dion at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards

An X user shared a clip of Taylor and Celine’s exchange (or lack thereof) and captioned it, “Taylor Swift just took the album of the year trophy from Celine Dion without batting an eye and/or acknowledging that a legendary 🐐 was handing her the award.”

“So cringey for my soul,” they added.

Others commented on the post, taking aim at Travis Kelce’s ultra-popular girlfriend.

“That was sooooo bad,” wrote someone else. “I thought I was the only one who noticed the swiftySnub to Celine.”

Another disgruntled X user was hopeful that Taylor’s behavior would “end” the superstar’s career.

“She’s always been fake,” they added.

taylor swift's critics call her out on x for ignoring celine dion
Pic credit: @Mrs97256776/@KyleMong/@Flower0nthemoon/X

Directing their post at Taylor’s supporters, another X user commented, “For people who defend her, she didn’t even look at Celine when she grabbed that award. Anyone who did this was being disrespectful, not just Taylor.”

Others chimed in, noting that Taylor “should have taken a pause to acknowledge” the icon she was sharing the stage with, especially since Celine made the effort to attend the Grammys, despite her neurological disorder.

taylor swift's critics call her out on x for ignoring celine dion
Pic credit: @a_k_a_stardust/@Juho_Peramaki/X

“She’s an extreme narcissist, so it doesn’t surprise me at all,” wrote another one of Taylor’s critics.

“What an honor to be presented the award by Celine! Such a gracious person and LEGEND.”

Taylor’s critics think the pop star’s PR team did damage control with a backstage photo

Amid all of the online chatter that Taylor and Celine had some beef, one X user attempted to set the record straight.

They uploaded a photo of Taylor and Celine posing together backstage, seemingly proving there was no beef between the two.

However, Taylor’s naysayers insisted the photo was a publicity stunt staged by her PR team to rectify the backlash she received.

“Her PR team literally fix the ‘damaged,’” one X user posted in response to Taylor posing with Celine backstage.

“That is backstage when it was pointed out how she snubbed Celine on stage,” added another skeptic. “So Swift got a do over.

taylor swift's critics on X think her pr team pulled a publicity stunt
Pic credit: @FeriAngriyawan/@K_L_Cox/@BrandyL1011/@CobraEagle42/X

Another cynic noted that it “must be nice having a PR team covering all your blind spots,” while one commented that despite her backstage photo with Celine, Taylor is “still a rude woman though.”

After reading everyone’s feedback online, what team are you? Team Swift or Team Dion?

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20 days ago

To only made it because if Tim and faith McGraw. They show me they didn’t know music and a great singer . To can not minor ever had been able to sing but because she wrote a child article about Tim McGraw she made it when true great singer should have won Grammy and entertain if the year tw is a brat and can not sing and had become a whole going from one man to another can no stand her or her singing