Brittany Mahomes has a message for ‘disrespectful’ women who flirt with husband Patrick Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes poses for a selfie in a car
Brittany Mahomes talks women who flirt with husband Patrick Mahomes. Pic credit: @brittanylynne/Instagram

Being the wife of a hunky NFL quarterback might be a cause of stress for some, but as for Brittany Mahomes, the WAG is taking things in her stride.

Over the weekend, Brittany conducted a question-and-answer session on her Instagram. 

Since Brittany became famous as the wife of NFL player Patrick Mahomes, questions about her star husband naturally came up.

And because Brittany enjoys engaging with her newfound fans, she was happy to oblige when fans wanted to know about her husband, specifically, her husband’s suitors.

One fan posed a question about jealousy and security in a high-profile relationship.

Along with an answer, the 27-year-old took the opportunity to call out those who went after her man.

Brittany Mahomes discusses women who pursue her famous husband Patrick Mahomes

Brittany conducted her Q&A via her IG Stories.

PEOPLE snagged a screenshot of a particularly interesting question.

A fan asked how Brittany dealt with “all the women trying to get after” her husband.

Brittany answered, “Lol it’s actually really sad how disrespectful some women are…But they are a waist [sic] of my time & not going to disturb my peace.”

After revealing that she no longer felt insecure about “disrespectful” women, she made another admission.

Brittany added that she “use [sic] to have a very hard time and get extremely annoyed” when women openly pursued her man. 

At this point, however, Brittany could care less.

This wasn’t the only Patrick-related question.

Another curious fan wondered why people thought Patrick could do better than Brittany. To that, Brittany responded that those people were silly.

Brittany took a confident and secure approach in the fun Q&A session, which allowed fans to get her a bit more.

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ relationship

Brittany and Patrick go way back — the two were high school sweethearts. While Patrick has always been a star athlete, Brittany was a soccer player who took her talents to Iceland.

Ultimately, Patrick became one of the hottest quarterbacks in football, winning the Super Bowl in 2020.

However, the two maintained a strong bond and made it official.

Last March, Brittany and Patrick got married at a picturesque ceremony in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. Family and friends saw the real-life fairytale of a longtime couple who made things work and came out on the other side.

The recently-wed couple has two children, a son, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, three months, and a daughter, Sterling Skye, two years old.

To top it all off, Patrick won the Super Bowl again this year, winning over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Patrick and Brittany have a love story for the ages.

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