Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany shows off baby bump after announcing second pregnancy

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany is pregnant again, and her baby bump is starting to show. Pic credit: @brittanylynne/Instagram

NFL star Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany recently announced that they are expecting their second baby just over a year after the birth of their daughter.

Following Patrick getting his Super Bowl ring with the Kansas City Chiefs, the two got engaged in September 2020 and welcomed their daughter in February 2021. They recently celebrated their wedding in Hawaii back in March 2022.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, there’s a possibility that Brittany was pregnant with their second baby during or shortly after their wedding. In recent photos, viewers can see that the 26-year-old mom is starting to show already.

Brittany Mahomes shows off baby bump in gray sundress

Brittany and Patrick recently attended the Aloha Golf Classic event together. The two were seen wearing flower necklaces and brightly colored golf attire.

In the first photo shared by Brittany, fans can see Patrick and Brittany standing together for the shot. While Patrick is wearing a classic blue golf shirt, Brittany is wearing a gray sundress with one hand on her stomach. Taking a closer look, fans can see the tiniest baby bump peeking out.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes pose at the Aloha Golf Classic event, Brittany seen cradling baby bump
Pic credit: @brittanylynne/Instagram

Swiping through the photos, fans can see pictures of Patrick, Brittany, and their daughter on the golf course together. The fourth picture shows Brittany and Patrick again, this time with Brittany wearing a white minidress. From the side, her tiny baby bump is visible as well.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes pose, Brittany Mahomes in white minidress with small baby bump
Pic credit: @brittanylynne/Instagram

The last several shots in the post are family pictures of the three on the golf course together. There are some sweet shots of Patrick and their daughter as the two parents sport their golf attire and practice their swings.

When is Brittany Mahomes’ due date?

Patrick and Brittany first shared the news that they’re expecting their second child at the end of May. However, they have not released how far along Brittany is or her due date.

Although she is starting to show, the baby bump is still small. Based on her bump and the ultrasound pictures shared in their pregnancy announcement, the second Mahomes baby is likely due toward the end of this year.

The couple welcomed their first baby, daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes, in February 2021. Now that Sterling is a little older, she’s ready to be a big sister, or so the family teased in their baby announcement.

Patrick first shared the pregnancy announcement with his 4.9+ million followers and quickly gained a lot of support, including over 846,000 likes and over 9,500 comments on his post.

Regardless of when their second baby arrives, the couple looks pretty excited to expand their family and for Sterling to have a baby brother or sister in the near future.

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