Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson still work out together 15 years later

olympics gymnastics teammates nastia liukin and shawn johnson
Former gymnastics teammates Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson are still working out together 15 years later. Pic credit: © & F. Sadou/AdMedia

Former teammates Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson continue their workouts together 15 years after they were part of a successful gymnastics team at the Summer Olympics.

Liukin, 33, recently shared a video clip set to Get Right by Jennifer Lopez in which she and Liukin perform a specific routine.

They’ve also got a few special guests with them. Johnson, 31, is married to Andrew East, and the couple has two children together, both of who appear in the video: daughter Drew Hazel East and son Jett James East.

The workout footage features a sped-up look at their routine, which includes squats combined with shoulder presses using kettlebells, tricep extensions using a dumbbell, pushups, mountain climbers, and more.

Based on Liukin’s caption, they’re performing a specific workout available through a special app- the KSFIT App from celebrity trainer Kira Stokes.

“POV: 15 years later, now we workout with @shawnjohnson baby girl ?❤️ (and ALWAYS a @kirastokesfit workout!) y’all have to get the app if you don’t have it already!!!

As mentioned, Liukin and Johnson were teammates for America during a successful appearance at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. Liukin won a gold medal in the individual all-around gymnastics, while Johnson took home the silver.

However, Johnson also won a gold for her performance during the Olympics’ balance beam competition, while Liukin received the silver.

During that Olympics, Liukin also won silver in the uneven bars, with Johnson getting silver in the floor exercise and Liukin getting bronze. As a team, America won silver in the all-around gymnastics competition, helping to boost the United States medal total.

Fans and critics react to Liukin’ and Johnson’s workout video

Liukin’s recent video share attracted attention to the popular gymnast and her teammate, as it picked up over 10,200 likes from individuals showing their love for their friendship.

Some of that love extended to the comments, where commenters left feedback about the workout and friendship.

As mentioned, the workout that Liukin and Johnson performed came courtesy of Kira Stokes, one of the top commenters expressing how much she loved seeing the “true LEGENDS” working out together.

“I couldn’t love this more. Proud of y’all for crushing Stoked Shred 360 Express…but also – Drew about to go next level with barbell set up at the end, #strongwomen,” Stokes commented.

One commenter said they loved seeing the two women working out together “after all these years,” while another said they were glad to see this because they’d been worried Liukin and Johnson weren’t friends anymore.

“I shouldn’t care but your wholesome Olympics friendship is just too special,” the commenter said.

commenters react to nastia liukin and shawn johsnon
Comments on a video of Nastia Liukin working out with Shawn Johnson. Pic credit: @nastialiukin/Instagram

Liukin previously revealed her partnership with Spieth America

Unsurprisingly, many athletes continue to pursue endeavors related to their sport of choice even if they’re no longer competing like before. That’s the case with Liukin, who revealed her partnership with Spieth America Gymnastics in 2020.

She shared an Instagram post to announce the news, which featured a shot of her in a purple leotard as she showed incredible flexibility and balance while competing. A swipe on her post brings up a video clip as Liukin further shows her skills by performing a flip on a balance beam.

The company is headquartered in St. John, Michigan, and sells anything one could imagine for gymnastics training and competitions. That includes floor mats, trampolines, balance beams, parallel bars, pommel horses, vaults, and uneven bars. They also sell various products specifically for cleaning and maintaining gymnastics equipment.

In addition to partnering with Liukin, they revealed a 10-year partnership with gymnast Simone Biles as of 2019, which was said to extend into 2028.

“This venture with Spieth is yet another extension of my love for gymnastics, and one that I am thrilled to announce with such an innovative and prestigious partner. Together, we share a passion and commitment to helping the next generation of gymnasts train their way to becoming the best gymnasts they can be,” she said of the promotion.

Liukin’s love for gymnastics and friendship with her teammate is still going, showing how special and strong a bond they created through the sport and Olympic competitions.

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