Nastia Liukin goes black and white for fit check

nastia liukin at Beverly Hills Dog Show Presented by Purina in Pomona
Nastia Liukin recently shared her black and white weekend fit. Pic credit: ©

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin revealed her weekend fit to fans and followers with a stunning black and white ensemble she put together.

In a video set to Pretty Boy Flow, Liukin appeared inside a room full of beautiful pink and white flowers arranged over a full-body mirror.

The 33-year-old finished snapping buttons on a thigh-skimming white miniskirt before she spun to check out her outfit in the mirror.

She opted for a sleeveless black top for the contrasting attire. The items revealed Liukin’s slender and tanned arms and legs.

The gymnast wore her hair in a ponytail split at the top, letting her wavy blonde hair fall past her shoulders.

The footage shifts to Liukin seated in a white chair as she puts on black socks and sleek black Prada shoes. She slings a black backpack, also from Prada, over her shoulder and smiles at the camera to end the quick “weekend fit” reveal.

Nastia Liukin shares her ‘weekend fit’ items

Liukin’s eye-catching “weekend” fit came courtesy of a top she tagged from Alice + Olivia and a skirt from the brand Ganni.

Based on Liukin’s video, she appears to have been wearing Ganni’s white denim mini-skirt. It’s made of all organic cotton with contrast stitching and features a diamond-shaped gold button for its asymmetrical closure. The item is currently available for $255.

Based on her look, Liukin may have been wearing Alice + Olivia’s Angelina Charmeuse Combo Tank. According to the site’s description, the item “includes a flattering high neckline, not-too-fitted, not-too-loose fit and is crafted in a silky viscose that drapes on the body so, so beautifully.” This top is currently available in Black or Parrot green for $285.

Liukin indicated that her shoes and backpack are both from the luxury brand Prada but didn’t specify which she was wearing or carrying. Based on her visuals, Liukin may have worn one of Prada’s loafers in brushed or patent leather. A variety of these currently sell for $1,200 on the brand’s website.

As of this writing, the brand has only a few black backpacks, including the Re-Nylon Backpack, for $2,100. This may have been what Liukin opted for. It features adjustable woven nylon straps and handles, a front zipper pocket, as well as zipper pockets on the flap and sides.

Liukin revealed paid partnership involving her dog Harley

A week before Liukin’s fit check, the famous gymnast revealed one of her paid partnerships with ProPlan in a video featuring her “accountability partner,” her beloved dog Harley.

“A morning in my life with my accountability partner, Harley! #ad I feed Harley @ProPlan Sport, so I know he’s getting the proper nutrition needed to live his best, most active life. Because these simple moments are everything to us,” part of her caption said.

Purina’s Pro Plan offers advanced nutrition for dogs and cats. Pet owners can find the ideal food formulated for their pet’s specific needs through their website.

For example, Pro Plan has dog foods specifically designed for dogs with sensitive systems, those needing weight management, or for sports performance. There is even a food designed for “future puppy athletes” who may be training for future competitions.

In Liukin’s video, she is seen waking up in the morning and feeding Harley the Pro Plan Active 27/17 formula for dogs who engage in play, swimming, running, and hiking.

After Harley finishes eating the food, Liukin takes her dog on a walk outside, and she even performs a cartwheel as they go. Based on the video, Liukin stays active with her dog, and the ProPlan food is the perfect way to keep Harley healthy and energized.

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