LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne gets cold treatment after team’s big win

LSU Gymnast Livvy Dunne in TikTok video
Livvy Dunne and her LSU teammates got cold treatments after their recent meet in Denver. Pic credit: @livvy/TikTok

While Livvy Dunne and LSU gymnastics team are on a hot streak, they recently cooled down a bit after their big win in Denver, Colorado.

Dunne, a sizzling college sports star boasting a large social media following, participated in a cold recovery session with some of her teammates.

The 20-year-old gymnast shared content from the visit to the cryotherapy machine, which included her wearing a white sports bra while standing in a portion of her spandex gear modified to become trunks.

Dunne stood in a sideways pose for one of her snaps, with her blonde locks in a ponytail and her midsection revealed. The social media star and student-athlete donned ear muffs and gloves, demonstrating how cold CRYO Arctic’s machine can get.

“This is me the coldest I’ve ever been!” Dunne wrote in a cursive font text on her snap.

Monsters and Critics previously reported about Dunne’s cold tub plunge, another freezing activity athletes use to recover after training or competition.

Livvy Dunne and LSU teammates participate in post-meet cryo recovery

Based on one image Dunne shared of her LSU teammates, they went to Restore Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy for what Dunne described as “after meet cryo.”

The gymnastics star shared another shot as she stands smiling and posing with Lexi Zeiss, a world gold medalist gymnast who committed to the LSU Tigers last October.

In additional content, she showed her LSU teammate KJ Johnson exiting the cryotherapy tank in a sports bra, modified spandex leotard, gloves, and socks.

A final slide has Dunne posing in a beautiful leotard featuring golden yellow and purple, the LSU colors. She tilted her head to one side with a slight smile and a purple bow tied in her hair for the mirror selfie. Dunne included a butterfly emoji in between purple and yellow heart emojis.

The team’s post-meet cryo session arrived after a successful start to their gymnastics competition. According to LSU Sports, the team achieved a 197.375 in the first session of the second-round competition in Denver, Colorado, this past Friday. That score put Dunne and LSU into the Denver Regional Final on Sunday, April 2.

Livvy Dunne shared a lower-body workout without weights

For Dunne and her teammates, the cold plunges, cryotherapy sessions, and other recovery efforts are part of an overall plan to increase their fitness and health for competitions.

Dunne also trains hard, not only in the various aspects of gymnastics but also by preparing her body with exercise.

She’s been known to upload an occasional video sharing her exercises and routines for staying fit.

One such video arrived on Dunne’s TikTok in 2020, with Pitbull’s Hotel Room Service playing as the background music. Dunne indicated that the exercises in this video were for the lower body, specifically targeting the legs and glutes.

Dunne started with a series of quick alternating lunges, jumping off the ground a bit to switch from leg to leg. She indicated on-screen that her routine included two sets of 25 repetitions.

Her next move involved her jumping to bring both legs together before dropping down for a squat. After jumping off the ground and bringing her legs back together, she performed the next rep of a squat.

Dunne also performed glute bridges with a single leg raised toward the sky. She indicated she did two sets of 15, holding each rep for three seconds.

A final move had Dunne performing a fire hydrant-like move before kicking the bottom of her foot and bent leg back into the air. From there, she rotated her leg circularly before repeating the lower-body move. Check out the entire routine in Dunne’s clip below.

While the above routine arrived two years ago, Dunne is still in fantastic shape and competing successfully at the collegiate level. Aspiring young gymnasts are likely watching her every move, especially those involving her training and recovery, to figure out how to bring their skills and fitness to the next level.

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