Moriah Mills continues to blast NBA star Zion Williamson, calls Pelicans trade rumors ‘fake news’

zion williamson appears at 2019 ESPY Awards
Moriah Mills continues to blast Zion Williamson over intimate relationship claims. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Moriah Mills continues to call out Zion Williamson after claiming she had an intimate relationship with the NBA star.

The former adult movie star revealed her alleged relationship with the former No. 1 draft pick soon after Williamson appeared at a baby gender reveal party with girlfriend Ahkeema, aka Concrete Rose.

With the news that Williamson was going to be a father to a baby girl, Mills was one of the first several women that took to social media and called out the NBA star for alleged intimidate relationships during the time he was with Ahkeema.

While Mills first popped up on social media over a week ago, she hasn’t stopped sharing messages regarding her involvement with Williamson.

Mills, a content creator with subscription-based fan pages, most recently alleged that news about Williamson possibly getting traded from the New Orleans Pelicans is “fake” and being used to distract from his off-court issues.

Along with that, Mills claimed that Zion’s team doesn’t even like him and made remarks related to him being out of shape for the NBA before she gave advice on how he could “fix things.”

Moriah Mills calls out Zion Williamson trade rumors as ‘fake news’

On June 7, Monsters and Critics reported about many of the initial Moriah Mills messages aimed at Zion Williamson, and she has sent forth many more since then.

In a June 10 tweet, Mills claimed, “Your team doesn’t even like you your a complete f*** up @Zionwilliamson and all you do is lie.”

“the night he did the press conference about not being good mentally is the night he was begging to fly me back to New Orleans. f*** you everyone know you for the lying bastard you are !!! Sex freak,” she tweeted.

moriah mills continues to blast zion williamson
Pic credit: @moriahmillsss/Twitter

Mills didn’t stop there, even claiming that recent rumors about Williamson potentially being traded by the Pelicans are “fake news.”

“Zion isn’t getting traded it’s fake news so his name in search bar doesn’t show next to mine or stripper bm !!! This is publicity stunt so people can focus on his career instead of his sex life / personal @Zionwilliamson likes a private life . He always told me he likes privacy and doesn’t trust anyone. He just brought a house he’s not being traded !!!” Mills tweeted.

mills calls zion trade rumors fake news
Pic credit: @moriahmillsss/Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, Mills suggested that “PR has to pretend that he being traded so @Zionwilliamson doesn’t lose endorsement deals for being involved with what society deems as not morally fit women.” She indicated that she’d been labeled as an adult movie star, and that label still follows her despite her quitting that career years ago.

moriah mills claims publicity stunt over zion trade rumors
Pic credit: @moriahmillsss/Twitter

In a tweet on June 17, Mills said that Williamson “destroyed his own career” and called out those who “love putting blame on black women.”

“@Zionwilliamson was cheating on me he chose to drink sodas and not workout. I have nothing to do with what that man chooses to do !!!”

moriah mills says zion ruined his own career
Pic credit: @moriahmillsss/Twitter

Mills appeared to stop addressing Williamson with hashtags in her tweets on Saturday evening. Shortly after, she shared a GIF of the NBA star and seemingly called out critics or trolls following her on Twitter.

As mentioned, Mills said she isn’t currently in the adult film industry. She has a subscription-based fan page featuring explicit content with links to the sites on her Twitter. As of this writing, Mills boasts 1.1 million followers on the social media platform.

Williamson has over 500,000 followers on the platform. He hasn’t addressed or reacted to the alleged relationship with Mills publicly or on his social media.

Mills tells Williamson: ‘still time to fix all of this’

While Mills didn’t hashtag Williamson, she appeared to tweet about him on Father’s Day morning to tell him how he could “fix” his situation. Based on her message, the issues she’s addressing appear related to his NBA situation and potential baby momma drama.

“Theirs still time to fix all of this rebuild relationship and trust with team and organization. Lock in with the gym /outdoor workouts. Focus on your career build a court in your backyard and you’ll be great again. Binuaral music. Abstain from sex for one month,” Mills suggested in her tweet.

She continued by suggesting Zion should “handle the bm situation” regarding his pregnant girlfriend and have “no communication” with her “unless it has to do with your future seed.”

“she’s toxic for your career and future dark energy I sense from her. She came around and ruined the entire energy of everyone around you that you love. Praying for you this to shall pass show the world and yourself why they picked you to be number 1 in 2019 – love always moriah mills,” she tweeted.

moriah mills tells zion still time to fix this
Pic credit: @moriahmillsss/Twitter

Monsters and Critics previously reported that ESPN commentator and TV personality Stephen A. Smith called out Williamson for the alleged drama off the court since the former No. 1 pick hasn’t played as much as one might expect in his career thus far.

Williamson, 22, was drafted first overall by the Pelicans in 2019. So far, he’s played in just 114 games in his three seasons, getting selected or voted onto the NBA All-Star team twice. He played in just 29 of the team’s games this past season.

Rumors have been swirling that the Pelicans might trade Williamson as the NBA Draft arrives on June 22. A report via Real GM indicated the Pelicans explored “quiet exploratory trade talks” during the 2022 NBA offseason.

As of this report, there are no confirmed reports of any serious trade talk and mainly speculation about potential teams that could land Williamson. However, it’s unsurprising that trade rumors have arrived considering New Orleans appeared on the brink of a playoff run this past season.

The team reached the NBA’s newer play-in tournament but lost their chance to continue as Oklahoma City defeated them in their first game. Williamson was not part of that game.

As the rumors about trades continue, the NBA star will celebrate Father’s Day, anticipating his first child’s arrival with his girlfriend Ahkeema within the next nine months.

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